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Precautions for feed machinery


(1) At the connection part, the feet must not be loose.

(2) There should be no jamming, bumping, or rubbing sound when the grinder is working.

(3) If the screen has holes, replace it immediately.

(4) Pay attention to adjust the angle and phase in time to avoid excessive wear of the hammer.

(5) Replace the hammer with a new one, and pay attention to the shaft hole of the hammer to be smooth.

(6) The weight difference of the two sets of corresponding hammers should not exceed 5g when installed.

(7) Note that the bearing of the grinder cannot be short of oil or too much.

(8) Bearings need to be disassembled, washed and refueled for half a year, using molybdenum disulfide grease.

(9) The selection of sieve holes must strictly follow the relevant regulations of the quality control department.

(10) When installing or replacing the sieve, pay attention to the burr side of the sieve hole facing inward and the smooth side facing outward. The sieve sheet and the sieve frame should fit tightly.

(11) The grinder starts to make abnormal noise or does not start, stop and check the reason.


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