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Classification and operation precautions of crushing equipment


Crushing equipment is the general term for crushing machinery and grinding machinery. The two are usually divided roughly according to the size of the discharge particle size: in the discharge, the content of the particle size greater than 3 mm accounts for more than 50% of the total discharge volume is called crushing machinery; the content of less than 3 mm accounts for more than 50% of the total discharge volume Those are called grinding machines. Sometimes the grinding machine is also referred to as the pulverizing machine, which is the narrow meaning of the pulverizing equipment. A machine that uses mechanical force to crush solid materials and turn them into small pieces, fine powder or powder. The characteristics of crushing operations with crushing machinery are high energy consumption, large amount of wear-resistant materials and grinding media, severe dust and high noise.

Crushing equipment is generally divided into four categories:
mechanical crusher (machinemill), pneumatic cracker (pneumaticcracker), grinder (grindingmachine) and low-temperature mill (low-temperaturemill): mechanical crusher
1, mechanical crusher is Mainly mechanically, the machinery that crushes materials is divided into six categories: tooth grinder, hammer grinder, knife grinder, turbine grinder, pressure grinder and milling grinder. :
(1) Toothmill: A machine that smashes materials (including impact, shear, collision, friction, etc.) by running a fixed gear ring and a rotating gear plate at high speeds.
(2) Hammermill: A machine that smashes materials (including hammering, collision, friction, etc.) by the relative movement of a high-speed rotating movable hammer and a fixed ring. Hammer mills are divided into paddlemills (paddlemills) whose movable hammers are flakes and blockmills whose movable hammers are blocks.
(3) Knifemill: A machine that smashes materials (including shearing, collision, friction, etc.) by the relative movement of a high-speed rotating knife plate (block, piece) and a fixed gear ring. Knife mills are divided into:
a. Multi-stage knife mill (multi-stageknifemill): the main shaft is horizontal, the blade is parallel to the main shaft, and it has a single-stage or multi-stage crushing function.
b. Multi-stageinclined-knifemill: a machine with horizontal spindle type, inclined knife type and single-stage or multi-stage crushing function.
c. Combined vertical-knifemill (combined vertical-knifemill): a horizontal spindle, multi-layer vertical-knife combined crusher.
d. Vertical typeside-knifemill (verticaltypeside-knifemill): a vertical typeside-knifemill with a vertical spindle, movement of the side knife and a grading function.
(4) Turbo-mill: A machine that smashes materials (including shearing, collision, friction, etc.) by the relative movement of the high-speed rotating turbine blades and the fixed ring gear.
(5) Press-grindmill: a machine that grinds and grinds materials by the relative movement of various grinding wheels and a fixed grinding surface.
(6) Milling breaker: A machine that grinds materials through the rotation of milling teeth. Jet
2. Jet pulverizer is a machine that converts compressed air (or other media) into a stream of velocity energy through nozzles in the pulverizing chamber, and promotes strong impact and friction between materials to achieve pulverization.
Grinding machine
3. Grinding machine is a machine that grinds materials through the movement of the grinding body, head, ball and other media to grind the materials into a superfine mixture. It is divided into:
(1) Ball mill (ballmill): a machine that uses porcelain spheres or stainless steel spheres as grinding media.
(2) Mortarmill: A machine that grinds materials by the relative movement of the vertical grinding head to the mortar.
(3) Colloid mill: A machine that grinds liquid and solid materials by the relative movement of pairs of mill bodies (surfaces).
Low temperature crusher
4. Low temperature crusher is a machine that crushes materials after low temperature (temperature -70°C) treatment.

Operation precautions
Trial operation of the car:
1. Close the handle of the magnetic starter to send power;
2. Press the button to open it two or three times;
3. Start and idling for 1 to 2 weeks;
4. Co-operation of the transfer machine and the crusher;
5. Check No abnormality, a power-on signal is issued.
6, the operation of the mechanical and electric motor to no vibration, sound and moisture to normal, each bearing temperature does not exceed 75 ℃, motor temperature not exceeding specified by the manufacturer;
the chain 7, loader elastic must be the same, at full load, the chain tension The amount is not allowed to exceed the length of two chain links, and there must be no chain jam or chain skipping;
8. After the fusible plug or fragile chip of the reprinter's joint rotator is damaged, it shall not be replaced with wood or other materials;
9. The crusher The safety devices of the protection net should be kept intact, and should be checked frequently during the work. If damaged
, the machine should be shut down immediately for handling; 10. The safety devices such as the tail protection of the transfer machine must be intact;
11. The transfer machine should be intact .
(1) Clean the floating coal and gangue on the tail, both sides of the fuselage and under the bridge;
(2) Protect the cables, water pipes, and oil pipes, and hang them neatly;
(3) Check the roadway support,
Move the transfer machine while ensuring safety; (4) The walking trolley and the tailstock of the belt conveyor should be in good contact with each other, and they should not be deflected. They should be well connected after removal to prevent large pieces of coal gangue from smashing the belt and ensure smooth coal. pass;
(5), move the loader, nose, tail to maintain a flat, linear, steady, live jack rod to be retracted.

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