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Construction waste crushing equipment


With the pace of implementation of projects such as the reconstruction of urban villages, temporary demolition, and old city reconstruction, the city has become more and more beautiful, while the amount of construction waste is increasing day by day, and a house suddenly fell to the ground. Under the rising dust and fog, more and more construction waste is instantly turned into. Of course, due to the development of science and technology, crushing construction waste is not a dream. Shredding equipment can turn construction waste into treasure while also gaining benefits. .

Most construction waste contains industrial raw materials. After crushing, smaller size stones and sand can be obtained, which can be reused in industry and have a wide range of uses.

1. Use discarded concrete blocks and brick slag to produce coarse and fine aggregates, and then use them to produce concrete, mortar or cut blocks, wall panels, floor tiles and other building materials with corresponding strength levels.
2. Use waste bricks and cement blocks to produce sand and gravel aggregates for the production of recycled transfer, floor tiles, and dry-mixed mortar.
3. The muck can be used to produce pile foundation filler and road construction foundation.

What equipment is used for construction waste shredding?
To crush construction waste, there are many types of equipment available, mainly divided into fixed processing equipment and mobile processing equipment. The specific equipment is as follows:

1. Fixed processing equipment
vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher +Vibrating screening machine + sand making machine + belt conveyor

2, mobile processing equipment,
mobile jaw crusher + mobile cone crusher,

general users will choose mobile processing equipment. Compared with fixed equipment, it is easier to build a production line without basic piling construction. It can realize stream operation, is destroyed, and has strong adaptability to the scene. It can still be used normally in confined environments. When working, it is easy to cope with various production site environments, equipment with multiple production functions, and the machine occupies a small area. Equipped with a dust removal spray device, it can effectively control dust overflow, reduce the working noise of the equipment, maintain a good working environment, work in a green environment, and easily pass environmental inspections.
The price of construction waste shredding equipment still depends on the actual choice of the user. If you use fixed production equipment, the price will be relatively cheaper, and the price of mobile construction waste crushing equipment is relatively high, because the function is better, so users still need to consult the manufacturer.



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