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Operating procedures for feed machinery


(1) Hammer type crusher

1. Operating procedures

(1) Check before starting

① Check whether each connection part is loose.

②Check whether the main shaft of the crusher rotates flexibly.

③Check whether the hammer is damaged or stuck.

④ Check whether the sieve is reversed, whether the sieve is damaged, and whether the sieve hole is correct. ⑤Clean the iron on the iron separator.

⑥Check whether the suction system is normal.

(2) Startup

①Start the discharge hoist, screw auger and suction device (with suction device). ②Start the pulverizer and check the pointer of the ammeter. After the pointer of the ammeter returns from the large value to the small value, feed is started after 2 minutes of idling.

③Open the shredder air door about 5mm.

④Turn on the feeder and slowly increase the speed so that the current of the pulverizer is close to but not exceeding the rated current.

(3) Shutdown

①Close the door of the warehouse to be crushed.

② After the working current of the crusher drops, reduce the feeder speed to "0", and then close the feeder.

③Turn off the grinder after idling for 1 minute.

④Close the suction system.

⑤Close the discharge and conveying equipment.

(4) Shutdown inspection

①Check the sieve and hammer wear.

②Check whether the tax film is stuck or not transferred.

③Clean the rope and iron.

④ Check the equipment when replacing the screen and hammer, the equipment control button must be turned in the "inspection" position.

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