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Advantage analysis and principle of refractory strong mixing equipment


Refractory mixer is used for mixing and production of refractory materials. So how to choose a good refractory mixer and equipment and what are the advantages?

The SIMT type double cone mixer is composed of a mixing barrel, a mechanical seal, a frame, a reduction drive, and a high-speed mixing blade. The working process of this machine is: put several kinds of materials to be mixed into the double cone by vacuum conveying or manual feeding, put on the cylinder cover, open the equipment, rotate the mixing barrel and the mixing blade at the same time, the rotating mixing barrel The barrel causes the materials in the barrel to produce turbulent tumbling and mixing, and the high-speed rotating mixing blade breaks up the agglomerated materials, so that the materials are quickly mixed in the barrel. The SIMT refractory material mixer has no dead corners and no deposits during the working process, which can make the mixed materials quickly reach a uniform effect.

So what is the principle of special mixing equipment for refractory materials? The SIMT type double cone mixer is a new, high-efficiency, fine container rotation, stirring type mixing equipment. It is used for the uniform mixing of various powder and granular materials. It has a high degree of mixing and can also be used for ingredients with a small amount of addition. Achieve a better mixing degree; the machine adopts mechanical seals, the powder will not leak, and the bearing has a long service life; the machine has high mixing efficiency, high work efficiency, low labor intensity and convenient operation. It can be used in magnetic powder, ceramics, chemical, pharmaceutical, feed and other industries.

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