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Improve the production efficiency of granulator and improve the overall production efficiency


     The improvement of the production efficiency of feed pellet machines has always been a concern of customers. If the production efficiency of feed pellets is to be further increased, it is necessary to find the reasons from the source and make better use of our feed pellet machines. Will allow our production to be further improved.



SZLH508a2 high-grade livestock and poultry feed pelletizing machine


   The following factors affect the output of the finished feed pellet machine:

1. Ring modulus factors

1. The surface of the bell mouth of the ring die is rolled and needs to be chamfered again.

2. Improper selection of ring mode compression ratio. Selection principle: livestock and poultry feed 9-13; fish feed 12-15; shrimp feed 20-25; heat sensitive feed 5-9; pasture and straw feed 4-8. (For reference only, the specific value is determined according to the formula)

3. The die hole is blocked. Knock the blocked holes from the outside to the inside of the ring die to remove impurities.

4. The opening rate of the ring die is too low, resulting in low output.



SZLH508DDC+b2 high-grade livestock and poultry aquatic feed pelleting machine


2. Roller factors

1. The pressure roller shell is worn out and needs to be replaced in time.

2. The cooperation of new ring die and old press roller, new press roller and old ring die will cause low output. A new ring die and a new pressure roller shell should be used for granulation, so that the overall contact gap between the pressure roller and the ring die is consistent, and the purpose of uniform wear is achieved.


SZLH508 series high-end granulator ring die granulator



Three, quenching and tempering factors

1. After the blades of the conditioner are worn, the effect of material conditioning is affected, and the effect of material mixing and steam absorption is poor. The material of the conditioner is not softened well, which affects the particle powdering rate and output.

2. Too low tempering temperature will also lead to poor tempering effect and affect the output of pellet machine. It is recommended to control: livestock and poultry feed 70-88; fish feed 82-95; shrimp feed 90-105; heat sensitive feed 45-69. (Unit: ℃, for reference only, the specific temperature is determined according to the formula and product requirements)


SZLH678a2 series of high-grade livestock and poultry feed pelletizing machine



Fourth, the steam factor

The steam enters the pipeline as saturated steam at a given pressure in the boiler. During the transportation process, it will lose energy to produce condensed water and turn into unsaturated damp and hot steam, which will adversely affect the conditioning. Therefore, the condensed water should be discharged before tempering and turned into low-pressure dry hot steam through the pressure reducing valve to improve the tempering effect. After decompression, the steam pressure is not less than 0.2 MPa, and the temperature is not less than 120 ℃.


Five, material factors

1. Generally speaking, the larger the volume and mass of the material, the higher the granulation yield. Therefore, when selecting raw materials, the formular should consider the bulk density of the material in addition to nutritional needs.

2. The material has fine particle size, large specific surface area and fast steam absorption, which is conducive to moisture regulation and high granulation output. However, if the particle size is too fine, the particles are brittle, which affects the quality of the particles; if the particle size is too large, it will increase the wear of the die and the pressure roller, increase the energy consumption and reduce the output.

3. If the moisture content of the material is too high, reduce the amount of steam added during pelleting, which will affect the increase of pelleting temperature and thus affect the output and quality of pellet feed. At the same time, the moisture content of the material is too high, it is difficult to quench and temper, and it is easy to cause the material to slip between the inner wall of the ring die and the pressure roller, causing the ring die hole to block.


ZLH768DDC+a1 high-end feed pelletizing machine


       Many customers are unable to achieve their ideal production efficiency due to improper use of the feed pellet machine. They can adjust and improve according to the above methods to improve production efficiency. For more technical knowledge about feed machinery and equipment, please pay attention to us and share it with more people in need.




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