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How to prolong the service life of steel silo?


As a modern and extremely advanced and popular storage equipment, steel silo has continuously expanded its application scope in the industry due to its various excellent properties. Liangyou storage machinery and engineering is suitable for industrial fields such as grain, feed, oil, flour, brewing, building materials, chemicals, port environmental protection, etc. Steel silo project can provide customers with spiral single warehouse 50-6000T, assembly single warehouse 10-10000T, 50- 1000T/H large-scale transportation equipment project.

How to extend the service life of steel silo?

So how can the service life of the steel silo be extended during use? The following good friends will take you to explore together:

1. Frequently check whether the steel silo wall is deformed, and pay attention to strengthening the bolt connection of the silo wall. If the bolt is found to be dropped, reinstall it in time.

2. After unloading the empty silo, check the airtightness in the silo, as well as whether the door frame and adjacent side panels are deformed or cracked. If an abnormal situation is found, corresponding corrective measures shall be taken in time. In addition, check whether there is any abnormality in the converging part of the cone and deal with it.

3. If welding deformation, welding cracks, etc. are found, stop feeding temporarily to prevent accidents.

4. In addition, check the top of the warehouse once a month to check whether the tension ring, process hole or bolt connection part on the top of the warehouse is missing, loose or damaged.

5. Also check whether there is corrosion on the surface. If corrosion is found, report it immediately and start the solution.

6. A straight climbing ladder is installed on the outside of the steel silo. The user also needs to check the installation bolts of the straight climbing ladder regularly to detect whether there is any looseness and avoid some hidden dangers.

     The above are some tips from Liangyou. Liangyou shares have a team of professionals who have been engaged in steel silo design, manufacturing, and steel silo engineering installation and management for many years, specializing in the research and development of steel silo equipment and storage system engineering technology. , Design and construction. With advanced equipment and complete supporting facilities, it is suitable for the production and installation of various steel silos.


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