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Importance of technology design for grain silo in grain storage


The proportion of grain storage in silos is increasing year by year, and it has become a major type of grain storage, and it is playing a more and more important role in production. It is very necessary to design a scientific and reasonable steel storage craft. That is, steel silo safe storage of grain should have grain in and out, ventilation, fumigation, grain condition measurement and control, cleaning, dust removal, loading and unloading, dumping, cooling and other supporting systems and processes.

Importance of technology design for grain silo in grain storage(图1)

The importance of adding ventilation and cooling devices
The ventilation system installed in the steel silo can eliminate the heat accumulation in the grain heap, reduce the temperature difference between inside and outside, prevent the moisture transfer in the grain heap due to the diffusion of moisture and heat, balance the temperature and humidity of grain, achieve the effect of cooling and humidity, and improve the stability of grain storage. It can play the role of removing the peculiar smell of grain heap, dispersing gas after fumigation, can also inhibit the occurrence and spread of insect pests and mold, and has the function of dust removal and explosion proof.
The importance of adding fumigation system
Fumigation is one of the important means to ensure the safe storage of grain. Insects are common in the silo. First, insect food enters the silo. Second, insect-free food was infected with pests during transportation or exchanging between silos. The Third is the five insect grain in the storage process, because of the insecticidal not completely infected, is infected silo insects.
The silo with good air tightness and air circulation system can use circulation fumigation. When fumigation, poison gas under the action of the fan in the grain heap circulation flow, in a short time can be evenly distributed, so that the pests in a long time contact with poison gas, so as to completely kill the pests.
The importance of adding grain condition detection system
The grain condition measurement and control system is a necessary condition for the safe storage of grain in the steel silo. The system can carry out daily detection and management of grain storage, and make the decision maker better carry out ventilation, fumigation and storage management of grain storage.
The system can collect, monitor, transmit, analyze and deal with the multi-media information (such as the density of pests, etc.), improve the management and automation level of grain storage technology. And can also combine the grain storage process of mechanical ventilation grain storage control, fumigation grain storage control, grain cooling grain storage control and production process control and other independent and perfect control system. It can gradually set up the grain condition detection, grain condition analysis, grain condition control and management in one integrated system.
FDSP steel silo is with scientific design, high degree of automation, and can effectively reduce the operation cost, at the same time helps customers to achieve the purpose of safe storage of raw materials.

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