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Composition requirements of feed machinery and feeder conditions


The feed machinery is mainly composed of feeding, mixing, granulating, transmission and lubrication systems during the production process . Its working process is to require the mixed powder with a water content of not more than 15%, enter the feeding auger from the hopper, adjust the speed of the stepless speed regulation motor to obtain a suitable material flow, and then enter the agitator, stir and steam through the stirring rod Mixing and conditioning. If you need to add molasses or fat, add it from the mixing drum to conditioning with steam. The amount of fat added is generally not more than 3%, otherwise it will be difficult to form. After conditioning, the temperature of the mixed powder can reach 64~85℃ , The humidity reaches 14~l 6%. Then pass through the chute through the optional iron absorption device to remove the iron impurities mixed in the powder, and enter the pressing chamber for granulation.

Feed machinery of the feeder

The feeder is mainly composed of a speed-regulating motor, a reducer, auger cylinder and auger shaft during production . The speed regulating motor is composed of a three-phase asynchronous AC motor, an eddy current clutch and a tachogenerator. It is used in conjunction with the JZT controller, and its output speed can be changed through the JDIA electromagnetic speed regulating motor controller.

Feed machinery of the reducer

The feed reducer adopts a cycloidal pinwheel reducer with a reduction speed ratio of 1.10, which is directly connected to the speed regulating motor for deceleration, so that the effective speed of the feeding auger is controlled between 12 and 120 rpm.

Feed machinery of the feed auger

The feeding auger is composed of auger barrel, auger shaft and bearing with seat. The screw auger plays the role of feeding, the speed is adjustable, that is, the feeding amount is variable to achieve the rated current and output. The auger shaft can be drawn out from the right end of the auger cylinder for cleaning and maintenance.

The compound feed formula has a variety of raw materials with comprehensive nutrition, which can prevent animals from picking their favorite foods from the powder and refusing to take in other ingredients. Because pellet feed can maintain uniformity during storage, transportation and feeding, feeding loss can be reduced by 8% to 10%.


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