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Causes and solutions for production reduction of hammer mill


Causes and solutions for production reduction of hammer mill(图1)

There are many reasons for the decline of feed hammer mill output, such as poor discharge, hammer wear, screen aperture size, fan configuration and so on. If a feed factory or breeding farm wants to maintain the output of crusher, it is necessary to apply the right medicine to solve the problem quickly and improve the production efficiency.
1. The water content of raw materials is too large
Too much water in the material will affect the efficiency of the water drop type hammer mill. The material with too much moisture is not easy to be crushed, and it is easy to block the mesh hole of the screen, which seriously affects the output of the crusher.
Solution: Improve the water content of raw materials.
2. Feeding is not uniform or unobstructed
Feeding link is the beginning of crushing, if the feeding environment is blocked or not smooth, it will definitely affect the entire crushing efficiency.
Solution: Configure impeller feeder, the configured need to check whether the internal feeder needs to be adjusted.
3. The discharge port is blocked
The discharge port blockage will directly affect the discharge speed of the hammer mill, resulting in a decline in output.
Solution: Clean the discharge port and the residual materials in the crushing room, to ensure the smooth of the whole crushing link.
4. Hammer slices problem
The hammer slices problem is mainly reflected in two points. One is the hammer slices serious wear, the second is the hammer gap is not suitable. Hammer slices wear will lead to the crusher can not normally crush materials; The clearance of hammer slices is not appropriate, which will lead to the output of the material does not meet the standards, repeat operations, so that the output of the crusher is reduced by 2 times, or even more.
Solution: Replace the hammer slices or adjust the angle. When the particle size is small, the distance between the hammer slices can be appropriately reduced. When the particle size is large, the distance between the hammer slices can be appropriately adjusted.
5. The aperture size of the screen and the opening rate
The aperture size of the screen mesh is an important factor to control the grinding particle size. When the particle size required by grinding is different, the screen mesh with different pore sizes should be replaced, otherwise it will reduce the efficiency of grinding, or produce unqualified particles. On the other hand, the opening rate of the screen affects the filtering speed of the screen.  When the opening rate is too small, the efficiency of the hammer mill will naturally decline.
Solution: Replace the appropriate aperture and aperture rate of the screen.
6. Fan configuration problem
The rotor in the crusher will form a low pressure area in the crushing chamber during the selection process, and the material is not easy to fly out from the crushing chamber due to the influence of atmospheric pressure. The purpose of the fan is to artificially add a low pressure area outside the crushing chamber. The pressure difference between the inside and outside of the crushing chamber disappears, and the discharge speed of the material is naturally raised.
Solution: Fan configuration for hammer mill .

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