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Four production control standards for feed processing equipment


Regarding the four production control standards for feed and feed processing equipment: safe production and processing of feed pellets; correct understanding of feed product specifications; ensuring the stability of the entire production process; mastering and controlling production efficiency, the following is a detailed description of the four principles:
Feed pellet production and processing safety
The safety of the production workshop includes personal safety, property safety, and production safety. It is the most important link in the production process of the entire feed processing equipment. The safety of personnel and property is the basic requirement of the entire production site, which ensures the continuity and health of production. Safety will affect the entire feed production process.
Motor safety: Long-term overload operation of the motor will burn out or shorten the life of the motor. The safety of the grinder: Screening and sieving are the weak parts of the grinder, which need to be checked and repaired regularly, and replaced if necessary. The safety of the pelletizer: blockage of the die hole, wear of the pressure roller of the pelletizer, damage to the distribution knife and preparation problems may cause the abnormal operation of the pelletizer. Ensure the safety of the pelletizer after production.
Four production control standards for feed processing equipment(图1)
Correctly understand feed product specifications
It is mainly embodied in the control of the pelletizing process of pellet feed processing equipment. The quality inspection of feed pellets mainly includes the appearance, length, color, softness and moisture content of the pellets. The test method is mainly manual detection, adjustment and control.
Although traditional sensors can be used to detect the color, texture, and length of particles, they cannot be detected directly in the production workshop. In addition, other equipment used to produce pellet feed processing equipment can also be used for pellet screening and adjustment. For example, the cooling and screening of pellets can control the humidity and grade of feed pellets.
Ensure the stability of the entire production process
This link is mainly reflected in the stable operation of a single equipment, such as feed crushing, mixing, pelletizing, cooling, etc. If there is no reasonable control, some equipment may be replaced regularly, which affects the specifications and production efficiency of the final product.
Master and control production efficiency
Efficiency determines the efficiency of feed producers, which is also an important basis for production management. In feed production, the operating current of the main motor of the feed pellet processing equipment is lower than the rated current, which has little impact on the production equipment, but consumes a lot of manpower and electricity. On the contrary, if the working current is greater than the rated current, the above-mentioned safety problems will occur.
The gap length of the feeding equipment from start to normal and orderly operation is a key factor affecting production efficiency. When the equipment is stopped, its performance mainly depends on the control sensitivity and stability of the pellet feed processing equipment production equipment, so stable and reliable power The control system is an inevitable choice for feed processing.

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