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Five ways to improve production efficiency in feed factory


5 ways to improve production efficiency in feed mills


By finding ways to improve efficiency, improve the professional quality of employees, and reduce waste from the existing production system, adjusting the production process, production system settings or production process can allow the factory to save huge costs. The five key areas that feed mills should focus on to ensure that feed mills can produce efficiently and sustainably.

1. Optimize the production process

Improving the batching process (whether it is the weighing of feed ingredients or the planning of wet and dry mixing) can often increase production efficiency. Feed mills need to check the ingredient system regularly, including how to weigh the feed ingredients, find out the time saving between each batch of ingredients, and the planning and arrangement of wet and dry feed ingredients. There are many ways to save time through more efficient work Or cost.

For pelleting, it is important to check the production process and current operating parameters of the feed factory, monitor the steam system and the conditioning process. Each feed formula requires different adjustments. Before pelleting, cleverly using the device to effectively turn the feed into a gel is the key to improving the pelleting efficiency.

2. Reduce energy consumption in feed production

Feed mills need to use energy as efficiently as possible. Reducing energy waste is an important part of improving production efficiency. The energy consumption, material consumption and manpower input in the production process are also important factors that determine the level of production costs.

(1) Factory design, construction and technological transformation. In the design, scientific process combination should be carried out, with reasonable high-efficiency and low-consumption equipment, to ensure that the energy consumption of the production system is reduced. Some outdated old factories need to be transformed in order to obtain long-term benefits. Liangyou shares can directional design according to the actual situation of customers, and provide various new plant construction, transformation, optimization and expansion services of the old plant.

(2) Formula design and raw material procurement. Prioritize the selection of feed materials with high nutritional value and low processing energy consumption; correctly determine the quality indicators, and oppose the formulation design that does not consider the production cost.

(3) Choose operators with good professional skills and rich experience who are proficient in the operation of feed production links. For example, scientifically arrange production and coordinate with different shifts, so that the production volume of each batch can reach a small economic scale, reduce the downtime caused by frequent replacement of varieties, extend the idle time, and improve the energy utilization rate.

3. Ensure the sanitation of feed

The animal husbandry industry must deal with the current animal epidemics, and biosafety is still the focus of attention of feed manufacturers and consumers. Detection of colony forming units in stored feed ingredients. Based on the test results, we can study disinfection measures that can improve the entire processing and transportation process to ensure that the feed does not have any peculiar smell.

Four, moisture management

The water loss of feed during processing is usually between 1.0% and 1.5%. By adjusting the machinery to reduce the moisture loss of the feed, in addition, the feed factory can also add moisture status control products, or use online sensors to monitor the moisture content in the feed. The cooling process is another link that causes the feed to lose moisture, so it is also important to review this process.

There is a direct link between moisture control and product reprocessing, as well as complaints about product quality. There is no right or wrong answer for any feed factory. It must be customized for each farm (household).

5. Staff training

An important part of an efficient feed mill is to have highly skilled employees. Provide equipment training to employees so that they have a wealth of knowledge to use the production equipment in the feed factory, so as to achieve efficient use and give full play to the advantages of the entire system.

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