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Equipment lubrication management technology of feed machinery


When the feed machinery equipment is in operation, the internal parts of the machinery will inevitably form friction during the contact process. If the lubrication management is not done well, it will easily cause the parts to wear out quickly due to excessive friction, affecting the normal operation of the machinery and equipment, and more serious It will cause the machinery and equipment to stop running, and the company will suffer great economic losses. In daily lubrication management work, we often divide the friction of mechanical equipment into dry friction, liquid friction, and boundary friction according to the lubrication state. By using lubrication technology to lubricate the parts that often generate friction in mechanical equipment, friction can be significantly reduced and effectively improved. The performance of the equipment reduces equipment wear and energy consumption, thereby effectively extending the service life of feed machinery and equipment. So as to achieve the purpose of improving equipment operating efficiency and extending equipment life, it can be seen that lubrication management technology is one of the important means to improve the operating efficiency of mechanical equipment, and its importance is self-evident. Feed processing enterprises should formulate actual lubrication management plans based on their actual production conditions, selectively use lubrication management technology, and make full use of lubrication management technology to improve the performance of feed machinery and equipment, thereby enhancing the economic benefits of the enterprise.

The main role of lubrication management technology in the maintenance of feed machinery and equipment:

1. Cool down the feed machinery and equipment.

2. Reduce the wear and tear of the feed machinery and equipment.

3. Slow down the corrosion time of the equipment and improve the flexibility of the equipment.

Lubrication can effectively reduce equipment wear and tear. It can slow down the corrosion time of the equipment and the flexibility of operation. The principle is to use some inert substances in the lubricant to isolate the equipment parts from the air and slow down the chemical corrosion caused by the contact between the equipment parts and the air. Therefore, the lubricant has a protective effect on the equipment and slows down the degree of corrosion of the equipment parts. In addition, the lubricant can also take away the excess substances generated when the parts are rubbed, thereby improving the flexibility of the equipment operation.

Definition, objectives and content of mechanical equipment lubrication management :

1. Define the definition of

mechanical equipment lubrication management: scientifically and effectively lubricate the equipment of the enterprise based on professional knowledge, and carry out effective management to ensure the effectiveness of lubrication and ensure the mechanical equipment The normal operation of the equipment guarantees the service life of the equipment.

2. Goal

Through equipment lubrication management, the equipment is effectively lubricated to reduce the wear of mechanical equipment parts, improve equipment performance, and reduce the operating cost of mechanical equipment. Under the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the equipment, through lubrication management to improve the operating efficiency of the equipment, and at the same time enhance the equipment Safety, reduce the incidence of production safety accidents, ensure the safe use of equipment, and prevent accidents.

3. Content

Mechanical equipment lubrication management mainly includes the following aspects:

1) Clarify the job responsibilities and content of relevant personnel, and formulate corresponding enterprise lubrication management systems.
2) Continuously collect technical data on the lubrication management of machinery and equipment, and carry out effective integration, for the lubrication technical training of relevant personnel and improve their working ability.
3) Timely statistics on the use of lubricating materials for machinery and equipment, reasonably arrange the use of lubricating materials, strictly control the quality of lubricating materials, and do a good job in storage.
4) Monitor the lubrication effect of the mechanical equipment in time, deal with and solve problems in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment for a long time, and at the same time reasonably recycle the used waste lubricating materials, and determine a reasonable mechanical equipment lubrication based on the actual use of the mechanical equipment cycle.
5) Learn, organize and promote more effective new lubrication technologies to continuously improve the efficiency of lubrication management.


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