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The safety of feed machinery should be ensured in use


The use of feed machinery tends to become popular. Due to improper maintenance and use of feed machinery, feed materials contain hard impurities, especially metals, minerals and other impurities, which bring safety hazards to the use of feed machinery. Talk about the preventive measures for common hidden safety hazards that appear during use.

The flywheel does not have a safety protection cover. The

flywheel lacks a safety protection cover. When accidents are handled carelessly or in an emergency, it is easy to twist the clothing of the staff into the high-speed rotating belt, and foreign objects falling on the belt will also be caused by the high-speed rotation. The belt was thrown at the staff present, causing unnecessary injury.

Unreasonable load-bearing length of the feed inlet.

Due to the unreasonable length, the raw materials transmitted by the automatic feeder contain metal, especially iron impurities, such as screws, gaskets, iron pieces, etc. Sieve pieces and hammer pieces, if heavy, directly penetrate the body and pose a direct threat to the life safety of the staff.

Small material inlet has no dust-proof cover.

Small material inlet is filled with some finer raw materials, such as mineral additives and vitamin additives. Before these raw materials enter the mixer, the dust is easily absorbed by the human body. Long-term inhalation of large amounts will cause chest tightness, dizziness, nausea and other uncomfortable symptoms, which will seriously affect your health.


against the above situation, in addition to doing various safety checks and personal protection before starting the machine, the following methods will achieve good results. Adding a good-quality protective cover can effectively avoid accidental injury. Lengthen the load-bearing plate of the material inlet to 80 cm~100 cm, and add a row of iron-absorbing stones at a distance of about 40 cm from the material inlet under the load-bearing plate, which can effectively prevent damage due to iron. Damage and danger caused by impurities entering the crusher. Add a half-closed cover plate at the height of the small material inlet about 30 cm ~ 40 cm, so that it is convenient to add a large amount of raw materials, such as fish meal, stone powder, etc., and can also prevent the spread of dust.

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