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Development history of crushing equipment


In China, a simpler crushing tool , the pestle and mortar, appeared in more than two thousand BC . Chujiu further evolved into a footrest from 200 to 100 BC. These tools use the principle of leverage and initially have a mechanical prototype, but their smashing action is still intermittent.

The crushing machine that uses continuous crushing action is the animal-powered mill invented by the public transportation squad in the fourth century BC. Another crushing machine that uses continuous crushing action is the roller mill. After 200 AD, China Du Yu et al., based on foot pedals and animal-powered mills, developed continuous water mills, continuous two water mills, and water-rotating continuous mills based on hydraulic power, which improved the production efficiency to a new level. Level. These machines are not only used for grain processing, but also expanded to crush other materials.

Modern mill firearms is after the steam engine and electric motor and other power machinery gradual improvement and promotion have been created. In 1806 , a roller crusher driven by a steam engine appeared; in 1858 , Black in the United States invented a jaw crusher for crushing rocks; in 1878 , the United States developed a gyratory crusher with continuous crushing action, and its production efficiency was higher than that of intermittent Jaw crusher for crushing action; In 1895 , William of the United States invented an impact crusher with lower energy consumption.

At the same time, grinding machinery has also been developed accordingly. In the early 19th century, a ball mill with a wide range of uses appeared; in 1870 , a rod mill with uniform discharge particle size was developed on the basis of the ball mill; in 1908 , no grinding media was created. The self-grinding machine. Twentieth Century 30 ~ 50 years, the United States and Germany have developed a roller bowl mill, roller mill and other vertical shaft disc pulverizers.

The appearance of these crushing machines has greatly improved the efficiency of crushing operations. However, due to the differences in the pulverization characteristics of various materials, different industries have different requirements on the particle size of the products, so they have successively created a variety of pulverizing machines that perform pulverization operations according to different working principles, such as wheel mills, vibration mills, and Turbo mill, jet mill, fan coal mill, sand mill, colloid mill, etc. To 70 early years, it has been manufactured hourly production 5000 tons, ZUI feeding large diameter of 2000 mm large gyratory crusher, and the material ground to a particle size of less than 0.01 colloid mill microns.

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