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Selection of mixing equipment


In terms of size, the mixing equipment is currently 30 cubic meters in size in China, and the main production areas are Shanghai, Zhejiang and Sichuan. For the requirements of mixing process and mixing quantity, mixing equipment can be divided into experimental type 0.05~0.5 cubic; production type 0.5-6 cubic; batch type 4-30 cubic; 1. The production capacity of experimental equipment is not high, and the investment is mainly in the enterprise Conduct experiments or experimental production in the early stage. 2. Production equipment has high production capacity requirements, mainly for enterprises to invest in the production of products. This type of equipment has a high relative strength design and does not have high power requirements. It can be used with other production equipment, including batching, automatic feeding, and automatic discharging to manufacture a complete set The mixed production line has high production efficiency and relatively low investment. According to the production requirements, a set of production line produces one or two products without long-term replacement of product forms. The equipment realizes an assembly line, which replaces the technical requirements of large equipment for large production volumes. 3. Batch-type equipment is mainly used in some places where mixed batch requirements are very strict, such as dyes, food, etc. The same batch of products cannot have special requirements such as color and taste differences.

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