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Installation, use and maintenance of crushing equipment


Crushing equipment is one of the main equipment for feed production. The level of crushing efficiency and whether the equipment is operating normally directly affect the quality and output of feed production and the comprehensive cost of feed production. At the same time, it also affects the inherent quality of feed and the effect of animal feeding.

1. Selection of
crushing equipment When selecting crushing equipment, factors such as output requirements, particle size of raw materials, moisture, crushability of raw materials, hygroscopicity of raw materials, and temperature sensitivity of raw materials should be considered. At the same time, the requirements of the subsequent process on the crushing particle size must also be considered.
Reasonable selection helps to give full play to the performance of the crushing equipment in production, meet the production with low power consumption, high productivity and high output, and at the same time meet the quality requirements of finished feed to a large extent.

2. The configuration of the
wind network system. Whether the configuration of the wind network system is reasonable will directly affect the output of the crushing equipment. The wind network system (including fans, pulses, brakes, settling chambers, closed wind augers, pipelines, etc.) should be based on the crushing materials Different, specific gravity, output level and other factors are selected. There are two general crushing and discharging methods: one is coarse crushing (screen size ≥ φ2.5) using mechanical discharge; the other is fine crushing (screen size ≤ φ2.0) using pneumatic negative pressure discharge. Regardless of the discharging method, the piping system must have no air leakage, fewer elbows, and good permeability of the pulse bag.


Improper installation of the crushing equipment. If the crushing equipment is installed improperly, its performance will not be fully utilized, resulting in a decrease in its output, an increase in power consumption, accelerated wear of vulnerable parts, a decrease in operating stability coefficient, and an increase in failure rate. Can not meet the needs of production. The following points should be paid attention to when installing the crushing equipment:

(1) The feeder

should be installed with the same width as the inlet of the crushing device to ensure uniform distribution of materials when entering the crushing device. The feeder and the crushing equipment should also adopt a soft connection. The installation of the flexible connection is conducive to the stable operation of the feeder, and is not affected by the vibration of the crushing equipment, ensuring that a good material flow enters the crushing equipment. If the feeder is improperly selected, and the discharge port is smaller or larger than the feed port of the crushing equipment, increase the height installation distance between the feeder and the two flanges of the crushing device, and do not make the feeder face the crusher. Equipment, and then use equal width slide pipe to correct the material to ensure that the material enters the crushing equipment evenly.

(2) Installation of crushing equipment
After the crushing equipment arrives at the installation site, carefully check whether the connecting parts are loose during transportation before installation (the crushing equipment has been carefully installed and checked and corrected before leaving the factory). Therefore, do not use elastic shock absorbers for the installation of the crushing equipment, but be sure to level the crushing equipment and fix the anchor bolts to ensure that the crushing equipment is firmly fixed on the foundation. The crushing equipment is installed separately, or installed in the basement (but to ensure a good air supply effect and maintenance space) to achieve a sound insulation effect.

(3) The installation of the discharging system
must be done whether it is mechanical discharging or pneumatic negative pressure discharging: each connecting section and the air shutter must be sealed and airtight, and the number of elbows in the pipeline installation should be minimized. The direction and the way of air outlet should be installed correctly. When installing the mechanical discharging process, there should be enough space in the powder settling chamber to meet the sufficient sinking of the powder during dust removal. Install a partition in the settling chamber (between the crushing equipment and the dust collector), and the size of the partition Generally, it is 1/3 the height of the sedimentation chamber, which is used to block more powder from entering the dust collector while leaving more time for the powder to sink; when installing a pneumatic negative pressure discharge process, the size of the inner diameter of the pipe , The size and number of elbows, the selection of brakes, pulses, fans, etc. must be determined by professional calculations, and professional installation teams are required to install them.

4. Use and maintenance of the
crushing equipment After the crushing equipment is installed and debugged, before the operator takes over for production and operation, please read the product manual carefully, understand the structure principle of the crushing equipment, be familiar with the performance and operating procedures of the crushing equipment, and strictly follow the operating procedures To operate, and at the same time carry out roving inspections in accordance with the operating procedures and precautions. Strictly operate in accordance with the operating procedures while keeping in mind the following tasks:
(1) The crushing equipment motor has been sealed before leaving the factory, and the coupling has been calibrated, please do not loosen;
(2) Regularly clean the permanent magnet cylinder and crushing equipment feeder Iron impurities on the permanent magnet plate;
Regularly check the fineness of the crushed product; (4) Regularly clean or replace the dust collector bag (to ensure that the bag is ventilated), and regularly check the working condition of the solenoid valve (to see if it can work normally) ;
(5) periodically check the wear of each consumable grinding equipment, to see whether it is normal wear and tear;
(6) Always pay attention to the vibration of the crushing equipment;
(7) When the hammer of the crushing equipment is severely worn and needs to be replaced, pay attention to weighing to ensure the weight of the two opposite hammers on the hammer pin shaft. The difference is less than or equal to 1g and the total weight difference of the hammers on the two opposite (1800 direction) hammer pins is less than or equal to 2g;
(8) When the screen of the crushing equipment is severely worn and needs to be replaced, pay attention to the flatness of the new screen and the size of the screen Whether it is reasonable, whether the installation is in place, and the screen mesh is facing inward during installation;
(9) The opening degree of the air supply door of the impeller feeder should be adjusted appropriately
(10) If abnormal conditions such as high vibration and high noise of the crushing equipment are found, the machine should be shut down immediately Check;
(11) 80 grams of grease should be added to the spindle bearing after every 40 hours of operation, but it can only be added to 60%. After 1800 hours of operation, the bearing box cover should be removed and all used grease should be replaced. When changing to fresh grease, add grease to the area around the rollers and bearing rings, and add 1/3 to 1/2 of the grease to the bottom case. Do not add too much grease;
(12) When it is found that the output of the crushing equipment has dropped suddenly, in addition to the factors of the raw materials, check whether the air supply door is in place, whether the pipeline is leaking, whether the pulse bag is blocked, whether the solenoid valve, the fan are working normally, etc.

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