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Development direction of feed machinery


China currently widely used in feed processing machinery, productivity is not very high, as China Extruder maximum output of 3 Dun to 5 Dun / hour, and abroad there is a certain gap. In the development of feed processing machinery, the United States and Europe are leading the way, and the automation of stand-alone equipment and automatic control procedures of complete equipment are even higher. China 's feed machinery industry should develop in the direction of scale and intensification, and reduce production costs and management costs by expanding sales, and improve efficiency.

China’s grinders should make further breakthroughs in load control technology, and combine with central control technology to achieve a complete simulation of the various working conditions of the grinder; a safe and reliable automatic screen changing mechanism has been developed to make the grinder work without stopping. Under the circumstances, it can realize automatic screen change, reduce downtime, facilitate the production of different materials, and improve efficiency. The mixer is mainly to do further research in the detection of the uniformity of the discharge, the automatic detection of the leakage, and the automatic cleaning after mixing, and the control technology of the pellet machine to the material conditioning time, such as the adjustment of different materials, The massizer automatically adjusts the inclination angle, changes the residence time of the material in the conditioner, or through the automatic adjustment of the angle of the conditioner's blades, etc.; it is necessary to develop a dynamic automatic adjustment mechanism for the pressure roller of the pelletizer and the ring die gap, and the pelletizer is connected Into the equipment such as the feed particle powdering instrument, it is also necessary to realize timely control, accelerate the feedback speed, and improve the product quality.

Today's feed companies in China need to increase investment and expand basic research. From the perspective of areas with a good proportion of the feed machinery industry, many well-known feed machinery manufacturers have their own research institutions or cooperate with relevant research institutions for research. Most of the cutting-edge technologies are in the hands of enterprises, and they have strong development. Motivation and competitiveness. Therefore, China's feed machinery manufacturing enterprises must participate in international competition, increase investment in scientific research, and carry out cutting-edge basic research. The methods that can be adopted are not only for enterprises to build their own scientific research institutes, but also for cooperation with relevant scientific research institutions, universities and even other scientific research departments in related industries. Through this kind of large-scale cooperation, we can produce excellent products and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the international market.

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