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Application of straw crushing equipment


Crushing equipment is the general term for crushing machinery and grinding machinery. The two are usually divided roughly according to the size of the discharge particle size: in the discharge, the content of the particle size greater than 3 mm accounts for more than 50% of the total discharge volume is called crushing machinery; the content of less than 3 mm accounts for more than 50% of the total discharge volume Those are called grinding machines. Sometimes the grinding machine is also called a pulverizing machine, which is the narrow meaning of a pulverizing equipment. A machine that uses mechanical force to crush solid materials and turn them into small pieces, fine powder or powder. The characteristics of crushing operations with crushing machinery are high energy consumption, large amount of wear-resistant materials and grinding media, severe dust and high noise.

According to the different crushing methods and crushing methods, the crushing equipment suitable for straw mainly includes: guillotine crushing, hammer crushing, kneading and cutting crushing, combined crushing, etc.

The guillotine straw pulverizer has the functions of guillotine-cutting straw, crushing grains and kneading straw. The main equipment for guillotine crushing is the guillotine machine (Figure 1). According to the size of the model, the guillotine machine can be divided into three types: small, medium and large; according to the cutting method, it can be divided into drum type and disc type; according to the operation mode It can be divided into direct field harvester and fixed hay cutter. Among them, medium-sized and large-scale hay cutters are generally disc type, and small-sized hay cutters are mostly drum type.

Hammer type crusher is a kind of widely used crusher, which uses high-speed rotating hammer to crush materials. According to the different feeding directions, it can be divided into three types: tangential feeding, axial feeding and radial feeding.

Combined crushing technology is a new type of crushing technology that combines the functions of guillotine, collision, crushing, grinding and rubbing into one. Tianjin University of Agriculture Bao Zhenbo et al. compared the gap between the movable knife and the fixed knife in the combined straw biomass pulverizer, the gap between the hammer and the tooth plate, the gap between the hammer and the screen, the number and arrangement of the movable knife, the shape and arrangement of the hammer, The shape and arrangement of the serrated knife are optimized and designed. The JF-720 multifunctional straw crusher, which was researched and designed by Xiao Hongru, Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, has two processing chambers, kneading and crushing, which integrates the functions of kneading and crushing, with good crushing effect and stable technical performance; The multifunctional straw shredder developed by Ren Shihu from Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Reclamation Sciences and others is manufactured using new technology and new technology, with simple structure, convenient operation, high operating efficiency and moderate price.

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