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Aquatic feed engineering and production technology


Introduction to aquatic feed project: Aquatic feed mainly includes fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic animals. Aquatic feed mainly includes hard pellet feed and extruded pellet feed. According to the physiological characteristics of aquatic feed in the water and the particularity of the diet, aquatic feed must have excellent water resistance and a high degree of gelatinization to reduce the crushing rate, and the fineness of the raw materials is relatively fine. For shrimp feed, it needs to have a flat pellet part and a consistent feed color. For extruded feed, in addition to the pursuit of uniform particle size, it is also necessary to ensure 100% floating material and 100% sinking material. In addition, it is also necessary to consider reducing the steam and electricity consumption per ton of materials, in order to achieve higher production income for the enterprise
Aquatic feed engineering and production technology(图1)
Aquatic feed production process:
The complete aquatic feed engineering process generally includes the following contents:
Receiving and cleaning of raw materials
First broken (micro broken)
Preliminary and mixing
Superfine grinding and mixing after initial crushing
Secondary ingredient mixing
Fine powder sieving
Granulation or expansion
Cooling (or dry cooling)
Fuel injection

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