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Advantages of biological fermentation feed


Microbial fermented feed is a kind of fermented feed with rich nutrition, high palatability and good absorption by using beneficial strains to ferment raw materials of agricultural and sideline products.  Fermented feed can not only improve the immunity of livestock and poultry, reduce the production cost, but also degrade the harmful ingredients in feed and improve the breeding environment. 

Due to the low production cost and high use value of microbial fermented feed, it can also greatly reduce the use of antibiotics and other drug additives in the breeding process and ensure the health of livestock and poultry.  So microbial fermentation feed has become the focus of feed manufacturers and aquaculture. 

FDSP stock fermentation feed production line adopts advanced biological fermentation technology, and has rich experience, which can directional design according to customer's personalized needs. 

Advantages of biological fermentation feed(图1)

Advantages of fermented feed

1.In the situation of feed raw material prices’ are rising, through biological fermentation, it can develop unconventional raw materials, and thus reducing feed costs.  For example, through biological fermentation, it can remove 85% toxic substances and anti-nutritional factors from the cottonseed meal and rapeseed meal,etc.

2.Develop protein feed resources.  For example, by using of sugarcane and cassava residue as protein feed raw materials, it can effectively alleviate the protein feed tension problem in China. 

3.Fermented feed does not contain antibiotics, which can reduce drug-induced diseases, and a large number of beneficial bacteria in fermented feed can improve the breeding environment. 

4.It is studied that probiotics fermented feed can reduce anti-nutritional factors in raw materials, produce substances that promote digestion and metabolism, so as to improve the immunity of animals.

The action principle of biological fermentation feed

1. Improve the animal immunity  

Under the condition of hypoxia, the dominant strains in the fermented feed will release organic acids during the fermentation process, reduce the PH value of digestive tract, inhibit the attachment of harmful microorganisms and improve the immune function of the body.  Probiotics enhance the activity of intestinal mucosa cells, activate natural killer cells, and have an immune effect against viruses.

2. Promote nutrient absorption  

There are a lot of probiotics in microbial fermented feed, which can produce various active substances such as digestive enzymes and improve the utilization rate of feed.  A variety of vitamins can improve the palatability of animals.  Yeast has strong fragrance, which has a certain effect for increasing appetite to poultry, enhancing digestion absorption. 

3. Improve animal feeding environment

Using fermented feed can improve the intestinal health of animals.  The improvement of animal intestinal tract has an impact on the odor and ammonia concentration of feces, which can purify the environment to a certain extent.  

Biological fermented feed is a popular new environmental protection feed in recent years. FDSP shares in-depth research on microbial fermented feed technology, committed to the development and manufacture of biological fermented feed production line, will bring more considerable economic benefits for cooperative customers. 

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