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Structure advantage and equipment selection of counter flow cooler



The cooling system is a very key link in the pellet processing technology, which has a significant influence on the pellet effect and pellet quality.  Counter flow cooler is a popular cooling equipment, which uses the principle that cooling air flow and material flow are opposite to each other, to achieve cooling effect. 

Advantages of counter flow coolers

Integrated the advantages of a variety of old cooler, mainly used for the cooling of high temperature, high humidity pellets after granulation. The cooling effect is mild and uniform, to avoid the pellet surface cracking caused by sudden cooling. At the same time, the cooling effect is significant and the powder rate of finished products is low.  It is easy to operate and control in structure, and has the advantages of small footprint, safety and reliability, high energy and low consumption, so it is widely used in the industry.

The structure of counterflow cooler

Countercurrent cooler is mainly composed of airlock, feeder, distributor, cooling chamber, motor, discharge structure and so on.  The feeder generally adopts impeller feeder, most of which is made of stainless steel, so as to prolong the service life. 

The distributor makes the material disperse evenly and cools uniformly, which plays an important role in the cooling effect.  The cooling chamber adopts octagonal structure to reduce dead angle residue.  Discharge structure is the key structure of counter flow cooler. There are many differences. It can roughly be divided into slide valve type, fence type, swing type, impeller type, vibration type, etc., which have their own characteristics, so that the product performance, quality and adaptability are continuously improved. 

Characteristics of countercurrent coolers

1. Good cooling effect.  Cooling temperature is no higher than room temperature by 3℃-5℃, and can be reduced to safe moisture, which is easy to transport and storage; 

2. Low energy consumption and stable operation.  Compared with the old cooler, the energy consumption can be saved by 15%, and the operation is stable. 

3. The cooler is simple in structure, reliable in use and convenient for subsequent installation and maintenance; 

4. Optional automatic and manual material level indicator control, convenient for production continuity. 

Selection of cooler

When feed plant users choose the right cooler, they should take the pellet mill output as the basis. The production of different types of pellets need different ring dies, so the pellet output is different.  Cooling duration, cooling output and cooling efficiency are all affected by this factor.  If you have special feed, please contact us, Liangyou(FDSP) can choose the best equipment for different customers' actual situation, to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency.  

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