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Biomass pellet shaping effect is not good? Here comes the cause analysis


Biomass pellet machine

Sludge and sawdust pellet machine

Solid fuel pelleting

Biomass ring die pelleting equipment can solidify and extrude the logs, sawdust, shavings, corn and wheat stalks, straw, building templates, wood scraps, fruit shell, fruit residue, palm and sludge sawdust,etc. into high density pellet fuel, after pretreatment and processing.

If in the process of machining, the pellet is loose or not formed. Many users first reaction is there is a problem with the machine. Of course, firstly we have to check whether the parts of the machine is normal, to find the crux  through debugging.  If the equipment works, it's something else.  We have summarized the more common three factors.  


The raw material itself

The characteristics of different raw materials are different, the fiber structure is different, and the degree of difficulty in forming is also different.  For example, palm is the material which is more difficult to press, and sawdust in 80 degrees of high temperature has its own bond. So it does not need any adhesive.  In addition, if it is a mixed material, the mixing proportion of each material will also affect the shaping rate.  

Moisture content of raw material

To do the biomass pellet, raw material’s moisture is an important indicator.  If the moisture is too high, the pellet will be very soft and not easy to form, which requires the use of drying process to achieve the normal granulation of the pellet machine.  The water content is generally about 15%. FDSP will carry out directional process design according to customers' raw materials and provide professional solutions.  

Particle size of raw material

The length of particle size of raw material is also an important factor affecting pelleting.  Usually the crushing particle size is about 3-4mm, not more than 5mm.  The smaller the crushing size, the easier it is to form. But too small will not do, there will be too much powder rate.  If the particle size is too large, it will lead to the abnormal and not effective operation for the pelleting equipment. And it will be with large energy consumption and small output, uneven grain production and surface cracks of finished particles, which will greatly affect the production efficiency.  


FDSP biomass pelleting equipment can be customized to meet the needs of various kinds of raw materials. The finished pellet is beautiful and uniform, which can improve market competitiveness for customers.  

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