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Common faults and solutions of counter flow cooler


Cooler is widely used in the cooling section of feed production, which has a significant impact on the quality of particles. It is an indispensable equipment for processing feed, such as pellet feed, extruded feed and tablet feed.

Counter-flow cooler is mainly composed of closed air feeder, distributor, loading and unloading level device, cooling chamber, motor, discharging mechanism and so on. The discharging structure is the key structure, which is roughly divided into slide valve type, fence type, pendulum type, impeller type, vibration type and so on.


Working principle of cooler: At the time of counter-flow cooler working, the discharge direction is opposite to the direction of cold wind, so it is called counter-flow. After the pelleting section, the temperature and moisture are high and inconvenient to store. The pellet passes through the closed air feeder into the cooling box from top to bottom, piles up to a certain height is to trigger the high level indicator,  and the motor is connected, discharge mechanism discharges through the principle of left and right reciprocating movement. Cold air flows from the bottom of the box to the bottom, and contacts with high temperature and high humidity materials for heat exchange, so as to achieve the effect of cooling materials and reducing water. This cooling method avoids the phenomenon of sudden cooling cracking caused by direct contact between cold air and hot material and effectively guarantees the quality of particles.

What are the common failures?

1.The failures of discharge institute (1) No discharge: check whether the loading level device is faulty; Check the motor or circuit has no fault; (2) Discharge without stopping: check whether the discharging level device is faulty; (3) Discharge frame movement is not sensitive, accompanied by noise: check the discharge composition structure has no fault, such as bearing, roller, guide rail is damaged, the friction resistance between discharge frame and flow regulation frame is too large.

| the solution: clean up the dust level device to avoid influence triggered effect, if the damage should be timely replacement, check the motor and the circuit of maintenance; Timely replacement of damaged parts: bearing, roller, guide rail, adjust the gap between the two frames.


2.Material temperature is not up to standard (1)Uneven material temperature: uneven discharge mechanism installation or gap caused by uneven discharge; Uneven dividing plate; (2) High material temperature: the discharge amount is too large or the height of the material layer is low, will lead to the cooling time is too short, affecting the cooling effect; The cold air displacement is too small to cool the material sufficiently.

| solution: check and adjust the plate position, adjust the gap; Adjust the height of material level device, increase the stop time; Increase intake air volume.

3, The material water is high  The air volume is too large and the cooling time is too short, will lead to the grain water can not be fully excluded, resulting in high water.

| The solution: down into the air volume, appropriate increase the cooling time, to the air flow, cooling time and moisture balance.

4. Material leakage during shutdown: When the discharge speed is too fast, due to inertia, it leads to material leakage; Stop the material level is wrong, the size of the gap of the discharging frame is uneven, resulting in the leakage of material.

| the solution: Adjust the discharging rate, makes the downtime can be appropriate buffer. Adjust the position of the stop placer and the clearance of the discharge frame.


Counter-flow cooler should avoid high material level and quick discharge as far as possible, and should use discharge slightly larger than the amount of feed, which is conducive to the cooling of materials and the operation of equipment.

FDSP SKLN series counter-flow type cooler is mainly used for pellet feed cooling in the feed pelleting section, so that the temperature of high temperature particles cooling to no higher than room temperature 3℃-5℃, and can be reduced to safe water, after cooling the particles not only increases the hardness, but also can prevent mildew, convenient for the transportation and storage of pellet feed. The equipment uses counter-flow cooling principle to cool the high temperature and high humidity particles. At the same time, because of the use of closed air feed, and the inlet area is large, so the cooling effect is remarkable. The discharge is controlled by brake motor, which can stop instantly. The distributor, the adjustable level distributor and the turbine distributor have obtained 3 utility model patents.

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