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Common failure cause analysis and solution for dryer


Industrial dryer is widely used in food, feed, chemical, mining and other industries. When the equipment is working, the heating system starts and the material fully contacts the hot air through movement in the body to achieve preheating, drying, cooling and other processes, so that it reaches the preset drying degree. Commonly used drying principles are countercurrent, downflow, hot air circulation reflux and other ways. Because it belongs to large machinery, so the failure in use will greatly affect the work efficiency.


FDSP shares SHGW series horizontal circulation dryer

1.What are the common failures?

1.The moisture of the dried material is not up to standard

(1) The water is too wet or too dry

It is usually caused by improper supply of materials, improper specifications and use of dryer, and incorrect calculation of air pressure and flow rate of air network.

(2) Uneven humidity

Improper use of drying equipment, the material in the machine is affected by low temperature into a group, resulting in uneven contact with the hot medium, resulting in uneven dry and wet.

| the solution:

First check whether the amount of material and heat supply are balanced. By adjusting the amount of material input and heat supply dryer, to reach the humidity in the work. Check whether the use of dryer is correct and the selection of specifications is reasonable. Re-check whether the air pressure and flow rate of the air network meet the actual production demand. If there is a clumping of raw materials, it needs to be broken up again, and then sent into the machine for drying.


FDSP shares SHGW series horizontal circulation dryer

2. Finished materials cannot be discharged normally

Improper installation of dryer, air leakage, resulting in insufficient wind pressure, resulting in dry finished materials can not be discharged normally.

| the solution:

Check whether the installation is correct according to the drawings. Check whether there is air leakage at the pipe interface, and adjust it in time.

3. There was an explosion in the dryer

(1) When the material input is too large or there are hard impurities, which is easy to clog, so that the movement path of the material in the body changes, and the collision friction with the housing;

(2) When the material quantity exceeds the preset heat of the drying equipment, the material is easy to catch fire due to overheating. Improper installation of equipment leakage, so that the wind pressure is not enough, materials can not be sucked away, accumulation of excessive overheating logistics lead to fire.

| the solution:

When the material is blocked, it should be stopped immediately for cleaning and timely be adjusted the logistics throughput. When the temperature of the dryer is too high, we should reduce the fuel supply, so as to reduce the temperature of the equipment. Check whether the specifications of the dryer meet the production needs, replace the large drying equipment. Timely check and adjust the dryer installation problems, whether there is insufficient air leakage flow and other problems.


FDSP SHGW series horizontal circulation dryer is suitable for extruded feed drying in the feed industry, and is also suitable for feed, food and chemical industry powder, flake, strip and other materials drying treatment. The drying hot air in drying section uses left and right different directions, up and down convection circulation mode, so the material particle dry evenly, with the moisture error rate within 2%. Dryer heat exchanger is allocated with high efficiency trap, effectively removing the air and condensate in the steam pipe, steam pipe (air, condensate) after removal. The heat exchange function can be improved by 10%; According to user requirements, automatic temperature control device can be selected. Microcomputer PID automatic temperature control system is used for drying temperature control, with proportional pneumatic control valve, accurate temperature control error within 3℃.

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