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Analysis of common failure of screw conveyor and its solution


Screw conveyor commonly known as "skein dragon", is a kind of non-flexible traction parts of the transport equipment, mainly made of motor, reducer, coupling, bearing, shell, screw shaft, inlet and outlet, etc.,It uses the motor to drive the spiral shaft rotation, shaft rotating spiral blade to promote the material along the tail of the shell conveying, can achieve horizontal, vertical and inclined transport. At present, it is widely used in mineral, feed, grain and oil, construction and other fields.


TLSS closed air screw conveyor

What are the common failures?

1.The staring difficulty: The main reason for the difficulty in starting the screw conveyor are abnormal reducer, small motor power selection and material blocking at the hanging bearing. The total driving power of the motor should be considered: the weight, length and lifting height of the conveying material. All kinds of resistance needed to be overcome in the work and friction resistance between material, shell and spiral blade. For a longer screw conveyor, it is also necessary to consider the resistance of the middle hanging plain bearing.

|The solution: Firstly screening reducer anomalies, timely repair or replacement. Secondly, check whether the rated power selection of the motor meets the actual production. When checking the power calculation, the material characteristics, the total resistance of transmission should be considered, and the appropriate safety factor is chosen.

2.Shaft end, flange joint and cleaning door channeling powder: Usually shaft end leakage powder is mainly due to the failure of the sealing structure: 1, The design of the sealing structure is not reasonable, resulting in material conveying shaft end connection is not tight dislocation structure; 2. The sealing parts are damaged, and the sealing strip at the joint of the flange is improperly selected or worn for a long time.

| Solution: To adjust the structure of shaft end seal design again. There are felt seal, rotating lip seals and packing seal and the combination of a variety of forms of seal, etc. for common used seal structure. When design, you need to fully consider the material characteristics, well balanced structure function and cost. The sealing strips at flange joints and cleaning doors should be checked and replaced in time.

3. Hanging bearing plugged: 1.Because the diameter of the hanging bearing is thick, and it is usually equipped with a support, the cross-sectional area of the material is small, It leads to the plugging of the material. 2. The blade out of the hanging bearing is disconnected, and the material can only be pushed by the front material when it passes through.

| The solution: Under the condition of material quality request is not high, for a small conveyor, as far as possible to avoid using hanging bearing. It can use bold tube shaft structure design; If the conveying distance is too long, the hanging bearing has to be used. In the structural design, the width of the hanging bearing should be as small as possible, and the cross-sectional area of the material should be increased as far as possible.

4. Pipe shaft fracture: 1.When large and hard foreign bodies are entered into the conveyor, the pipe shaft will be broken during operation; 2. During machining, the clearance between shaft head and tube shaft is too large, and the torque is mainly transferred by bolts during rotating transportation. Long-term operation leads to fatigue cracking of bolts.

| The solution: Strengthen check the fit tolerance between the tube shaft and shaft head is in line with the requirements in production process. Check whether there are foreign bodies in the body and materials before starting and conveying. Clean and debug in time.


TLSS series closed air screw conveyor is suitable for grain, feed and other granular or powdered horizontal transportation. It is mainly used for short distance transportation. Shaft end double sealing structure effectively prevents leakage. The material sealing device can be added at the discharge end, and the bearing seat at the outlet end adopts a simple dust isolation structure, which is safe and reliable. The discharging end is equipped with a cleaning operation door. Cold drawing formed blade is adopted, more uniform pitch, more wear-resistant blade. It is suitable for horizontal or inclined conveying.

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