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Cause analysis and treatment of belt running off for bucket elevator


When the belt bucket elevator starts to run, the hopper scoops up the material from the bottom storage, and with the conveyor belt lifted to the top, it turns down after bypassing the jacking wheel, and puts the material into the receiving slot. Belt drive bucket elevator transmission belt generally adopts rubber belt, installed on the transmission drum and reversing drum.

Elevator in the production process often appear belt deviation phenomenon, resulting in hopper filled material is not sufficient, discharge is not complete, produce back material increase phenomenon, affect productivity, serious will lead to belt card, tear, shorten the service life of the belt.

The following is the causes and adjustment methods of bucket elevator belt deviation:


TDTG Series Bucket Elevator

1. The first wheel and the bottom wheel drive shaft installation is not correct


In simple terms, the position of the two transmission shafts of the bottom wheel of the bucket elevator should be in the same vertical plane, keep horizontal and parallel to each other, which can make the belt transmission rate to achieve the best. When the two transmission shaft installation is not correct, resulting in the distortion of the belt, uneven force, running belt deviation, hopper and fuselage impact, belt tear. From the mechanical analysis, there are usually the following 3 situations:

(1) The two transmission shafts are in the same vertical plane, but not parallel;

(2) Both transmission shafts are horizontal, but not in the same vertical plane;

(3) The two transmission shafts are parallel and in the same vertical plane, but neither shaft is horizontal.


Stop the machine immediately, check the installation position of the head wheel and the bottom wheel, and readjust it to the upright position. It is necessary to pay attention to the double consideration and balance of allowable deviation and cumulative deviation.

2. Roller and surface of head wheel and tail wheel wear

Due to a long time of operation, the belt and the middle part of the drum for a long time friction, resulting in the middle of the rolling surface concave, both sides of the bulge phenomenon, resulting in the belt running left and right, because the drum is sealed in the fuselage and is blocked by the belt, it is not easy to be found, adjustment is difficult.


TDTG series bucket elevator


The first wheel will remove the rubber paint on the surface of the drum after the rubber plating, it should be noted that the rubber plating surface is best to form the middle high on both sides of the low waist drum surface; After grinding, the tail wheel is similar to the head wheel. Control the height difference between the middle and both sides, and under the premise of ensuring the deformation range of the belt, the centripetal force is higher toward the middle of the roller, so as to avoid the deviation phenomenon.

3. Belt joint is wrong

Improper operation of belt in replacement installation will lead to joint deflection, at this time, both sides of the belt edge tight side loose, running belt to tight side, serious will cause belt card, tear


Stop the machine to replace and debug the belt, check the alignment of the belt joint, and then do the joint filling treatment.

TDTG series bucket elevator is suitable for continuous vertical lifting of powdery, granular and small block materials. It can be widely used in feed mills of various scales, grain and oil, food, chemical industry, building materials, grain depot, port and wharf bulk materials. The head wheel is covered with glue to enhance the traction. Tail wheel’s special design, can effectively prevent deviation and skid; Multiple sealing, prevent material leakage, explosion-proof port, effectively prevent dust explosion. The equipment is equipped with a check device to avoid the problem of machine blocking caused by power failure; Speed measuring device and deviation alarm device can be selected according to user requirements to ensure safe and normal production.

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