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5-7tph biomass straw pelleting line

Using crop stalks as raw material, multiple processing steps are carried out to finally produce biomass pellet; straw pellets have good volatility, flammability, less ash, more fuel saving, lower cost of use, and good economic and social benefits. Stalks pellets can be widely used in biomass power plants, biomass steam boilers, household fireplaces, drying furnaces and biomass gasifier, it is an efficient and clean renewable energy source.

Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of complete biomass pellet fuel forming equipment, can provide customers with logs, wood chips, shavings and other raw materials of biomass pellet production line; Biomass granulation production line with building template, woodworking scrap and other raw materials; Complete biomass pelleting production line with corn straw, wheat straw and straw grass as raw materials; Complete biomass pelleting production line with fruit shell, fruit residue and palm as raw materials; Complete biomass pelleting production line with crop waste, sludge, coal and other raw materials, tailor-made complete equipment solutions for customers, to meet the different needs of customers.

Now take the production line project of 5-7tph biomass straw pelleting line as a case, according to the technological process and each section to do the following introduction and explanation.


5-7tph biomass straw pelleting line


Raw materials:

Mainly wheat stalks, corn stalks, reed, straw, rape stalks and so on.

Procedure drawing

process diagram of complete bulk straw pellet engineering process line:

Grinding section ——  drying section ——    pelleting section    —— Cooling & Bagging section

Process introduction:

The crop stalks is first coarsely grinded by a rotary cutter to 3-5 cm, and then finely grinding by hammer mill into fine grass cuttings, and the size is about 3-4 mm. Then, the raw material with 40% moisture content is dried to about 15% through a three-layer drum dryer, and finally granulation processing is performed. The processed finished pellets are 6-10 mm in diameter, and the pellets are cooled and packaged by a small bag packing scale 20-50kg/bag for easy transportation and sale. The stalk pellet complete project produces 6 tons per hour of biomass pellets, the total power of the equipment is about 1250kw, the workshop covers an area of 3000m2, including raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse; the whole line is compact in design, reasonable in structure, meets environmental protection requirements, and can be customized design according to customer requirements.


Process section:

Grinding section

Straw rotary cutting machine is pretreatment equipment for crop stalks. It can crush long straw, stalks and other materials to 3-5CM. The it will be fine grinded by hammer mill, the sizes will be 3-4mm.

Crushing equipment(2sets): Rotary cutting machine: LYXQ270, power 75kw, design with 4-5T output.

 Hammer mill(2sets): MFSP68*100, power 132kw, design with 4-5T/H output.

 5-7tph biomass straw pelleting line

Drying section: 

Three - layer drum dryer, after drying wood chip moisture in about 13-18%.

Drying equipment: LYHG60, drum diameter 3.45m, length 11.6m, power 22kw, design with 6T/H output.

Pelleting section

The biomass particles are 6-10mm in diameter. The vertical ring die pelleting machine is adopted, and the ring die adopts the flat structure which directly enters the pressing chamber from the feeding port, making it easier for the materials to enter the pressing chamber, especially suitable for the pelleting of straw raw materials.

Pellet mill(6sets): MZLH508-L, main motor power 90kw, design with 0.8-1.2T/H, output: 6 units.

 5-7tph biomass straw pelleting line

Cooling & Bagging section:

we use cooler to reduce pellets temperature and decrease pellets moisture, low energy consumption, easy operation, high automatic degree, through the cooler cooling, pellets temperature is not higher than ambient temperature 5 ℃, after cooling the pellets moisture around 8-10%, particle density 650-750kg/m³.

Packing scales, according to the local sales needs of customers, choose the appropriate packing scale for customers to easy sell products, usually there are two specifications of small bag and ton bag, small bag packaging scale is with specifications: 20-50kg / bag, ton bag scale packaging is with specifications: 500-1000kg/bag.

Cooling equipment: MKLB4, cooling chamber volume 4m3, design with 6t-8t/h output.

Packing equipment: MDBLY-K, packing specification 20-50kg/bag, packing speed 3-5 packs/min.

5-7tph biomass straw pelleting line

According to the needs of different customers, the scheme can be optimized:

1. If necessary, buffer bins can be added between each section to replace the storage yard. The advantage is that it can improve the automation degree of production line and reduce dust pollution in the workshop; The disadvantage is that it will increase the construction cost of the production line, and because the bulk density of materials after crushing is very light, it is easy to bridge in the bins and material does not drop.

2. If the moisture content of the raw material is not higher than 15%, you can not use the dryer. It can be pelleted directly after grinding; If more than 15% but less than 20%, you can consider mixing dry materials with wet materials, making water neutralization and reduction, and then granulation;

3. The packaging equipment can be adjusted according to customers' requirements for finished product packaging. It can also be stored in bulk or stored into silos.




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We provide quotations, solutions and products based on the information you fill in, please fill in your needs and project description in detail
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