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FDSP Appeared In The Taiwan International Livestock And Fishery Exhibition, Seeking New Development Of The Industry


The 2019 international livestock and fishery exhibition held from October 31 to November 2 in Taipei, Taiwan, China. The exhibition attracted 12,000 visitors and exhibitors from 12 countries to create an international platform for livestock, fishery, feed and veterinary medicine, displaying the latest trends, technologies and products of the livestock and fishery industry.

Mr. Chen zhiliang, chairman of Liangyou(FDSP), attended the exhibition with chief technical engineer and sales manager of international business division. In line with the transformation and upgrading from livestock and poultry to aquaculture, we pay attention to learn the advanced technology of the industry, target the industry dynamics, listen to the needs of customers, and explore more potential customers in north Africa and Asia while expanding business in Taiwan. Our new 3D design of the latest products, all-round, multi-level, three-dimensional presents Liangyou(FDSP) product technology highlights and advantages.

During the fair, customers from Taiwan local and Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, India, Philippines and other countries consulting different sizes of extruding aquatic feed line, soybean extrusion production lines, pig feed production line, the ruminant feed line, laying hens feed production line, biomass pellet production line, fertilizer granulating production line, steel silo, single equipment and pellet machine spare parts, etc., There are some customers who have strong desire for the agent cooperation, and there are several projects are under further negotiation.

 After the exhibition, we will keep in touch with the visiting customers in time, design the solution and make the quotation for the customers, we will go to Taiwan customer site for depth understanding and further communication. In order to provide better services for customers, next step Liangyou(FDSP) will set up an office in Taiwan, equipped with sales and service personnel to solve customers' worries.


FDSP Appeared In The Taiwan International Livestock And Fishery Exhibition, Seeking New Development Of The Industry

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