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FDSP Quality engineering Series|green methanol pellet engineering


About FDSP

Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd.(FDSP) was founded in 2003, which locates in Jiangsu Liyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone. As a national high-tech enterprise, we focus on the research, design and manufacturing of solid wastes and renewable energy molding equipment and engineering, and already got remarkable achievements in the field of pelletizing technology, making the leading-edge technology of renewable resources recycling which using crop straw, forestry wastes, organic solid wastes, animal dung, urban kitchen wastes as raw material, we are dedicated to offer personalized solutions of biomass pellet fuel, RDF and bio-organic fertilizer complete project for global customers, to achieve goal as “Do well in the industry, make the enterprise stronger, better and bigger”.


FDSP promotes the spirit of “Cooperation, Creativity, Honesty and Courage”, abides by the key value concept of “Honesty wins trust, quality wins victory”, and follows differentiated competitive tactics of “to make big differences in the similar world”. Taking customer demand as the core, relying on excellent high-tech products, commitment to serve a lifetime, FDSP continuously creates more and bigger value for customers at home and abroad, and unnervingly seeks "mutual benefit, together development" with the customers.

Green methanol pellet engineering


As a new ecological clean energy, green methanol is mainly obtained through various methods such as biomass energy, green hydrogen capturing carbon dioxide or renewable energy, and it is produced with very low or zero carbon emissions. Taking straw as representative, Biomass raw materials are pre-processed into granular or block products, and a gasification reaction occurs under high temperature and high pressure. The solid materials are converted into gaseous products, and then undergo pyrolysis and gasification to generate synthesis gas of methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The gaseous products are mixed with an appropriate amount of catalyst, and a certain amount of water vapor is added, and synthesis occurs at a suitable temperature finally to get the green bio methanol. The preparation of biomass pellets using raw materials such as straw is an indispensable and important link in its production process.

With the continuous advancement of green methanol production technology and the reduction of costs, its application fields will gradually expand. Green methanol is becoming an important part of the global new energy market, it is an important way to achieve the global carbon neutrality and carbon peak goals with huge potential and investment prospects, and it attracts countries and major companies to take the lead in layout and seize the new energy trend.

Section description

Shredding process: The grabber puts the straw evenly into the twin-shaft shredder, and crushes the materials through the working principles of shearing, tearing, and extrusion, so that the raw materials can meet the size requirements for subsequent further crushing;

640 (1).jpg

640 (2).jpg

Crushing process: The shredded materials are transported to the crushing section via a belt conveyor, and a magnetic separation device is installed on the belt conveyor to pick out metal materials. The crushing system consists of a special double-rotor hammer mill for straw and an air net system. The blades inside the hammer mill tear and strike the materials so that the crushed materials can meet subsequent granulation or briquetting requirements. This section can achieve closed transportation, negative pressure dust reduction, and clean production.

640 (3).jpg

Drying process(optional): The moisture content of the raw materials used for granulation needs to be less than 20%. If the moisture content of the raw materials after crushing is too high, it needs to be blended with dry materials to reduce the average moisture content, or dried in a dryer. This section uses a three-pass drum dryer, which lengthens the contact time between the material and the hot air, greatly reducing the length and floor space of the dryer. The fuel can be agricultural and forestry waste or debris or particles from this production line. Combustion in the specially designed furnace produces hot air. The direct-fired hot air does not exchange heat and is in direct contact with the wet materials, resulting in higher drying thermal efficiency;

640 (4).jpg

Granulation/Briquetting process: Materials that meet the moisture content (less than 20%) and fineness requirements enter the pellet mill or briquetting machine through conveying equipment. The materials are processed into cylindrical particles or square/round block finished products through mechanical extrusion working principle, to meet the needs of the subsequent pyrolysis gasification process;

640 (5).jpg

Cooling and sifting process(optional): Since the surface temperature of the material after granulation or briquetting is high (up to 70-90°C), if it is directly bagged, the particles/blocks can directly absorb moisture in the surrounding air, leading to expansion, surface cracking, or even breakage. Using forced air cooling, the material can be cooled quickly to prevent cracking. Screening machines could remove debris from the finished granules/blocks.   

640 (6).jpg

As a pelletizing system integration service provider, FDSP took the lead in combining the characteristics of the straw-based green methanol project demand, focusing on the key links of straw raw material pretreatment and pellet forming equipment and engineering, and carried out specific research and equipment upgrades, launching a number of new technologies and new products including straw-specific shredders, rotary cutters, double-rotor hammer mill, dryers, pelletizing (briquetting) machines, cooling and screening equipment, and providing customers with one-stop services from process design, production and manufacturing, installation and commissioning to later personnel training and operation and maintenance services.

In the future ,FDSP will continue to be committed to the innovative research and development of technologies and equipment in the field of biomass green methanol preparation, providing customers with more efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving system solutions, and helping the world to achieve carbon neutrality and green development goals as soon as possible.

About Us

Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co.,Ltd. (FDSP) was founded in the year of 2003, has a professional team of 150 people and a 35,000 square meter factory; we can design project plans according to the different needs of customers and provide 3D renderings; design solutions according to different customer requirements, different raw materials, and different sites; the company has a professional technical te...

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