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With green as the reference, Make a new chapter | Liangyou Shares(FDSP) appears at the 2024 Hanoi Vietnam New Energy Technology Exhibition


From June 26 to 28, 2024, the 15th Vietnam Hanoi New Energy Technology Exhibition was held at the ICE International Convention and Exhibition Center in Hanoi, Vietnam. Liangyou Shares(FDSP) carried the forward-looking concept and cutting-edge products of the biomass energy industry at the exhibition, becoming one of the focuses of the exhibition.


This exhibition brings together a number of companies from all around the world, covering the fields of new energy and renewable energy, solar and photovoltaic systems, new technologies and systems of energy storage. As an active advocate and practitioner of "clean production, green development", Liangyou(FDSP) is committed to developing and promoting energy-saving biomass pellet fuel complete sets of production equipment and advanced process solutions to meet the diversified needs of customers and jointly promote green and low-carbon production methods.


Over the years, in the context of the development of global green industry, Liangyou(FDSP) has always upheld a high sensitivity and foresight, focusing on the research and development and innovation exploration in the field of biomass renewable energy, and contributing to the continuous promotion of the dual carbon strategic goal. In this exhibition, we demonstrated the cutting-edge renewable energy molding technology, green methanol straw pretreatment and solid waste resource utilization field of innovative products and optimization process, aroused the strong interest and in-depth consultation of our customers, fully demonstrated our professional strength and unique value in the field of green energy.

During the exhibition, with excellent technology research and development, manufacturing strength, Liangyou shares(FDSP) attracted the majority of domestic and foreign merchants to consult in detail. With professional and patient attitude, our marketing team introduced the high-quality renewable energy molding equipment and projects developed by Liangyou(FDSP) over the years. The participants affirmed the strength of Liangyou Shares(FDSP) in the field of biomass renewable energy.


The successful holding of this exhibition provides a platform for communication and cooperation for the global renewable energy industry. In the future, Liangyou Shares(FDSP) will be committed to contributing more impetus to the growth of the industry and actively helping to achieve green energy efficiency. FDSP will provide global customers with green biomass energy one-stop services from whole plant planning, equipment selection, installation and commissioning to operational training, maintenance, and subsequent upgrades, contributing to sustainable development.

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