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Biomass pellet mill, vertical VS horizontal, who is stronger?



Vertical biomass pellet mill


1. High-quality bearings imported from Europe are selected for the transmission part, which makes the operation safer and more stable

2. Equipped with automatic oil lubrication system and thin oil circulation cooling system, avoid the uncertainty of manual maintenance, improve the degree of automation and stability of equipment operation.

3. Adopts vertical main shaft transmission system, specially designed main shaft adopts forging material which make the longer service life, higher transmission efficiency;

4. The double-hole and double-compression ratio of two-way ring die was creatively designed to meet the special requirements of different raw materials with different hole sizes and compression ratios

5. The customized gearbox adopts the separate design of the main and auxiliary oil tanks, which can effectively avoid the wear of the transmission gear caused by lubricating oil pollution.

Horizontal biomass pellet mill


1.The main shaft is made of forgings with long service life and stable and reliable quality;

2. The patented forced feeding device can effectively speed up the feeding quantity and improve the output;

3. Broken arch feeding device, effectively avoid material arch;

4. Several innovative designs are adopt in the ring die, which could solve the ring die cracking problem, effectively improve the yield.

5.The feeder, door cover and chute are made of stainless steel for durability;

6. Automatic grease lubrication system, can achieve non-stop automatic refueling, easy to operate;

7.The high-quality imported bearings and oil seals are used in the transmission part of the whole machine to ensure high efficiency, stability and low noise;

2.Comparison of advantages and disadvantages


3.Take the vertical 680 and horizontal 680 models, Φ10MM pellets as an example


Horizontal pellet mill

Vertical pellet mill

Output and energy consumption

Low output, high energy consumption,

Machine power 200KW, wood pellet output 1.8-2.2T/H(φ10mm pellet)

High output, low energy consumption,

Machine power 160KW, wood pellet output 2-2.5T/H

Replacing wearing parts

quick and convenient,with ring die

disassembly lifting tools.The wearing parts can be replaced by just opening the door cover.

Need to separately equipped with lifting tools. After removing the whole top cover, ring die and roller shell can be replaced.

Moisture requirements for materials

Strong adaptability to material moisture, easy to discharge.

The material moisture should be controlled between 10-15%. Too high and too low moisture is easy to be blocked.

Cost performance

For the same output machines, the vertical is more cost-effective. The horizontal pellet mill is driven by big gear and tooth shaft(With empty shaft, spindle, tooth shaft, and double rollers drive structure). The vertical adopts built-in gear reducer direct driving (overall die base structure, configuration of spindle and three rollers drive structure). So the cost for horizontal is higher.

Cost for wearing parts

Higher: Single-sided ring die, replace it once it is worn.

Relatively lower: Adopted double-sided ring die, ring die can be used in reverse, the lifespan is nearly doubled;

And a ring die can be customized with two kinds of hole diameter and two kinds of compression ratio at the same time, more practical.

Stability of equipment 

Adopt big gear and gear shaft directly

connected transmission structure. External oil cooling circulation system. Automatic

butter lubrication system is allocated, with

good stability.

Built-in hidden gear reducer and built-in oil cooling circulation system. Maintenance and replacement of gearbox bearings need to be removed as a whole.

Automatic butter lubrication system is allocated, with good stability.


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