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Commissioning of livestock and poultry + ruminant feed production line with an annual output of 180,000 tons was completed in Kulun Banner, Inner Mongolia


Recently, the livestock and poultry + ruminant feed production line in Inner Mongolia which was designed, manufactured and constructed by Liangyou(FDSP) with an annual output of 180,000 tons is successfully completed and finished commissioning. After the epidemic situation improves, we will send professional technical engineers to the project site for final acceptance.


The annual output of 180,000 tons of livestock and poultry + ruminant feed (including silos) production line, uses the technology of three grinding lines (reserved one), two mixing lines, three pelleting lines (reserved one), with the function of secondary crushing and secondary pelleting.  A single pellet mill can produce 8-12 tons of livestock or ruminant feed.  


The project is designed in combination with the practical situation of the customer. We do the field survey ahead of time, adjust measures to local conditions, and put "seek higher economic benefit for customers" as the principle. From the raw grain receives to the finished product, all the homework link acts with mechanization, automatic production. Each building sub-item is linked together, covering a small area, short transmission lines, saving the total investment.


Raw material receiving and cleaning process:

1. Livestock & poultry and ruminant feed inlet adopts independent feeding and dust removal system to avoid material cross pollution caused by centralized dust removal air net.  

2. The inlet is designed in the warehouse, which shorten the feeding distance and save a lot of manpower.  

3. Powder feeding line has an independent cleaning and removing impurities, iron removal system to ensure the normal operation of subsequent sections. 


Grinding process:

1. Four pre-grinding bins, easy to replace raw materials.  

2. The feeder controlled by frequency converter can flexibly adjust the working load of the hammer mill to the best feeding amount, so as to ensure full load production of the hammer mill.  

3. The pulse filter of the hammer mill is equipped with explosion-proof film conforming to the national explosion-proof standards.  


Batching and mixing process:

1. Batching bin capacity up to 400m³, can accommodate about 200 tons of raw materials, can meet the continuous production capacity of 10 hours.  

2. The same material can be entered into the bins by different paths, without affecting the reception of other materials, flexible and convenient. 

3. The batching bin adopts the form of combining eccentric cone hopper and deformation hopper to effectively prevent the phenomenon of arch.  

4. The core material is added with 8-position trace element adding system, automatic weighing, accurate batching.  

5. Discharging machine feeding section adopts special structural form, so that the discharging of the bins is a whole falling without forming arch conditions.  Discharging machine adopts frequency conversion control, precise control of slow feeding, high precision.  

6. The micro adding port adopts an independent pulse dust removal device and is equipped with a checking scale, which effectively controls the accuracy of dust and small material addition in the working environment.  

7. SHSJ.4, SHSJ.6 mixer has high mixing uniformity, short cycle, discharging adopts bottom discharge type big door structure, discharging quickly, no residue.  

8. Mechanical and electrical integration design. When weighing, the suction will not affect the weighing.  


 Pelleting process:

1. Before material pelleting, check the sieve to remove oil group, and remove iron from the permanent magnet cylinder to remove iron mixed in the material again.  

2. The mixture passes through the distributor, one way into the finished powder bin, one way back to the batching bin, and the rest into the granulating bin.  

3. Before pelleting, the livestock and poultry feed materials are used two layers of jacket conditioner and one layer of Retentioner for curing, and the ruminant feed material are used two layers of jacket conditioner for curing treatment. The quenching and tempering time is long, which can make the material fully curing, and then pressed into pellets.  

4. The pelleted material is cooled by counter-current cooler designed by FDSP, with uniform cooling and good effect. The fan is equipped with shock absorber,which is low noise and small vibration.  

5. After livestock and poultry feed cooled, it is equipped with three-roller crumbler to produce young poultry feed.  

6. Selection of FDSP company's Rotary Screener with high yield and good grading effect.  


Finished product bagging and bulk shipping process

1. Finished products are distributed in bulk and bagged in two forms, with six finished product bins and six welded bulk bins.  

2. Two sets of SDBLY-PD belt packing scales, which can be used for fast packing of powder or pellet feed.  

3. Two automatic weighing and packing systems, automatic weighing, automatic zero elimination, automatic alarm, automatic accumulation and printing records.  

4. The finished products can be sealed and transported by the seam conveyor after weighing on the packaging scale. The customer provides the automatic palletizing system of the manipulator to save labor and improve efficiency.  

5. Equipped with a group of bulk bins, the total storage capacity of 300m³. Bulk trucks under the bin can be directly loaded, fast and convenient.  


Other auxiliary process

  1. The dust removal system of the production workshop adopts the form of single point dust removal, which is composed of a single pulse filter, centrifugal fan and corresponding pipelines.


2. Control system: the control system of the production process is implemented according to the production design specifications of the feed factory. The batching scale and mixers are controlled centrally by automatic control. The hammer mill, pellet mill, packaging machine, dust removal system and so on adopt the hierarchical control system to be controlled on site.  

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