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FDSP president, Mr. Chen Zhiliang, attended the first meeting of the 16th committee of the Liyang Political Consultative Conference


From January 4 to 6, the 16th committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) of Liyang held its first meeting. CPPCC members from all fronts of the city gathered together to earnestly perform the sacred duties of political consultation, democratic supervision, and participation in the deliberation and administration of state affairs. Mr. Chen Zhiliang, chairman of Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co. , Ltd. attended the conference.

 FDSP president, Mr. Chen Zhiliang, attended the first meeting of the 16th committee of the Liyang Political Consultative Conference  (图1)

The speech made by Secretary of the Municipal Liyang City Committee Xu Huaqin at the opening ceremony of the Congress are carefully studied and discussed during this meeting. Xu said the CPC municipal committee was fully satisfied with the work of the CPPCC over the past five years. Over the past five years, the 15th CPPCC, giving full play to its functional advantages and closely following the overall development situation, has made positive contributions to the implementation of the joint work in Shanghai in all aspects, the implementation of major projects linked to each other, and the enhancement of the quality of the ecological environment. Xu Qinhua called on the whole city to unite more closely to strive to build the Yangtze River delta eco-innovation model city, and strive to write a new chapter of Liyang’s Green Modernization.

 FDSP president, Mr. Chen Zhiliang, attended the first meeting of the 16th committee of the Liyang Political Consultative Conference  (图2)

The meeting endorsed the report on the work of the 15th Standing Committee by Comrade Zhou Weizhong, chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee. The report fully acknowledges the work of the CPPCC over the past five years and gives new instructions on the objectives of its future work. The report demanded that the 16th CPPCC should carry forward the main theme and always uphold the overall leadership of the party; anchor new goals and always serve the overall situation of the city; draw a big concentric circle and always promote the theme of unity and democracy; and focus on the whole process, the CPPCC should always develop its consultative democracy and improve its internal dynamics so as to lay a solid foundation for the CPPCC to perform its duties.

On January 6th, Chen Zhiliang, chairman of the board, as a representative of the committee, delivered a speech on the government work report delivered by Ye Minghua, mayor of Liyang City.  Chen Zhiliang said: Mayor Ye's report is pragmatic, focused and innovative. The annual goals are inspiring and the key tasks are full of challenges.  The year 2022 is the start year of the new government and a crucial year for laying a solid foundation for the 14th Five-Year Plan.  As an enterprise committee member in the economic circle, I will conscientiously learn and understand the spirit of the meeting and implement it into the development of the enterprise itself.  

 FDSP president, Mr. Chen Zhiliang, attended the first meeting of the 16th committee of the Liyang Political Consultative Conference  (图3)

Regarding the Mayor Ye’s report highlighted in the "study plan to promote the economic development of the digital policy initiatives”, Chen Zhiliang the chairman proposed that in future FDSP shares will be based on the full implementation of the industrial lightweight digital application of the Internet platform, through the establishment of the production process of large data flow, promote the production process of digital management, so as to guide production process optimized,  Comprehensively improve the production efficiency of enterprises, and quickly realize the digital transformation of enterprises.  

In view of the report mentioned in the deepening of the "three recruitment and three introduction" policy measures, Chairman Chen Zhiliang also put forward: set up Liyang overseas high-level talents innovation venture park, encourage returnee starting up business in Liyang, form a strategic pattern with high-quality talents to promote high-quality development suggestions.  

On the afternoon of January 6th, a meeting of the CPPCC of Liyang City successfully completed the agenda and closed in the solemn national anthem.  The 16th CPPCC member is Chairman Chen Zhiliang re-elected after the 14th and 15th sessions, before which Chairman Chen won the title of "Advanced member" of the 14th session, and has submitted a number of effective proposals, including the important content of "excellent proposals".  Chairman Chen said that in the future he will continue to run his own business down-to-earth, and continue to make efforts to contribute to the development of Liyang.  

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