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Why does the feed pellet opportunity strike suddenly?


Why does the feed pellet opportunity suddenly strike?


The pellet machine is a key equipment in the feed production process, and its work efficiency directly affects the output and quality of the final product. However, in the daily operation of the unit, the machine will suddenly stop rotating, which seriously affects the production efficiency. So why does the pellet machine stop suddenly? Below, Jiangsu Liangyou Co., Ltd. will answer your questions.

1. Voltage instability

The motor needs a constant voltage during operation, and too high voltage can easily cause the insulation of the motor to be broken down. Too low voltage will greatly reduce the electromagnetic torque of the motor. When it is low to a certain level, the power it generates cannot guarantee the normal operation of the pellet machine, and it is easy to burn the motor when working at low voltage for a long time. Therefore, in the work of the pellet machine, it is necessary to ensure that the working voltage meets its rated voltage.

2. The motor drive belt is too loose (only for belt drive type pellet machine)

In the belt-driven pellet machine, the drive belt (usually a synchronous toothed belt or a V-belt) is the transmission device of the motor, which transmits the power generated by the motor to the main shaft of the pellet machine to ensure its normal operation. The material of the transmission belt is rubber. Under long-term stress and wear, it is easy to stretch and loosen, which will reduce its transmission capacity. When the pellet machine does not get enough power to run, it will naturally stop. jobs. Therefore, in the daily inspection of the pellet machine, we must pay attention to check the tightness of the V-belt and make adjustments in time.

Three, the safety pin is broken

   In order to prevent the pellet machine from being overloaded and causing damage to the main drive, the main drive system of the pellet machine is designed with a safety pin structure. If the pellet machine is in operation, sudden foreign matter enters or the impact load caused by other circumstances If it is too large, the safety pin will break, thereby disconnecting the connection between the power and the main transmission components, and the pellet machine will stop working. Therefore, in the work of the pellet machine, the impact load must be avoided. If the safety pin is broken, the production can be resumed by replacing the safety pin.

Four, the main engine components are short of oil

During the operation of the pellet machine, the internal components bear great pressure. In order to make it work normally and reduce the loss of the machine, it is necessary to add butter between the parts, and the butter is very consumed under the high-intensity work of the machine body. Soon, when the butter inside it fails, the body will stop working. Therefore, we must regularly fill the body with butter according to the working intensity of the machine.

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