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Cause analysis of die failure of feed granulator


Analysis of the quick reasons for the broken die of the feed pellet machine

When we buy a feed pellet machine, we usually purchase a few more molds. After all, the mold has to withstand extreme pressure when the pellet machine is working, and it is more prone to problems than other parts. Once the mold has a problem, The output material is not up to the standard, and the mold must be replaced to re-granulate, and replacing the mold is also considered as a disguised increase in the cost of granulation. Therefore, if the service life of the mold can be prolonged and the number of mold replacements can be reduced, the pelletizing cost will be reduced in disguise. So how can we make the life of the pellet machine mold longer?

1. Clean the mold regularly

After each granulation is completed, the pellet machine mold should be cleaned. The general method is to add the raw materials into oil and mix into oil, and grind for a period of time, and then fill the mold with oil. This not only ensures that the mold hole will not be blocked, but also facilitates the next startup of the equipment.

2. Clean up the oil when not in use for a long time

Although the oil has a protective effect on the mold, if the machine is not used for a long time, the oil added to it will gradually harden, making it difficult to remove it next time. Therefore, if the machine is not used for more than one month, the mold should be removed. Store it after washing.

Third, the mold storage point should be ventilated and dry

Since we usually purchase several additional molds when buying machines, these molds should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture in the air from reacting with their surfaces and rusting, which will affect their service life and the production of particles. Exterior.

Fourth, the motor power should be matched

Different types of pellet machines are equipped with different motors. During use, the matching power must be used according to the machine model. If the motor power is too small, the pelletizing efficiency will be low and the pellet quality will not meet the standard; if the motor power is too large, It not only wastes electricity, but also accelerates mechanical wear, thereby shortening the life of the mold.

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