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What causes the machine body of sawdust granulator to shake


  In the production process of the wood pellet machine, due to the heavy body of our equipment, it does not need to strengthen the anti-vibration equipment to achieve smooth operation. However, due to the light body of the equipment of individual manufacturers, the body may shake seriously. Such shaking will seriously affect the service life of the wood pellet machine, and in severe cases, it will directly damage the bearing chamber of the reducer. The specific reasons are as follows:

What causes the body of the wood pellet machine to shake

  1. Normal equipment spindle concentricity less than 1mm is considered qualified equipment, Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda's spindle concentricity is controlled within 0.2mm, if the concentricity is too high, it is one of the main reasons for the shaking of the wood pellet machine.

  2. If the unsteady material transportation is also the cause of the shaking of the wood pellet machine, the feeding rate should be adjusted;

  3. The wear of the deflection scraper will cause uneven feeding and will also cause the shaking of the wood pellet machine. This reason is often overlooked by everyone, and a new scraper should be replaced;

  4. The new and old mix of ring die and pressure roller will cause uneven friction between the die and the pressure roller, and the unbalance of the wood pellet machine body will cause shaking. It is better to deploy new pressure rollers with new ring molds

  5. The gap between the ring die and the pressure roller is not compatible with the material produced, which is also the cause of the shaking of the wood pellet machine. The gap between the pressure roller should be adjusted;

  6. If there are sundries in the pelletizing bin, such as steel balls, iron blocks, stones, etc., not only will the machine shake, but also the molds and pressing rollers will be damaged, and the debris in the pelletizing bin will be quickly removed; Add iron removal equipment to the mouth.

  Seven, the main shaft bearing is worn out, which destroys the concentricity of the wood pellet machine, and needs to be replaced with a new bearing.

  If you want horses to run faster, you have to take good care of them. The same is true for the pellet machine. If you want to use the wood pellet machine better, you can’t fix it. Any problems with the pellet machine should be paid attention to. , The pellet machine can bring us better benefits.



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