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Several commonly used mixing equipment


Mixing equipment is a mechanical equipment that uses mechanical force and gravity to uniformly mix two or more materials. During the mixing process, the contact surface area of ​​the materials can be increased to promote chemical reactions; it can also accelerate physical changes.
Commonly used mixing equipment is divided into four categories: gas and low viscosity liquid mixing equipment, medium and high viscosity liquid and paste mixing equipment, powder and granular solid material mixing equipment.
Mixing equipment accessories are mainly made of wear-resistant alloy materials, including high-speed mixing blades, mixing fins, wear-resistant liners, mixing arms, mixing shovel, planetary shovel, mixing coulter, mixing rod, mixing rake, etc.


Common types of mixing equipment:
Common mixing equipment are: coulter mixing equipment, ribbon mixing equipment, non-gravity mixing equipment, V-type mixing equipment, double helix cone mixing equipment, high and low speed liquid mixer, planetary power mixing equipment, etc. .

Double spiral cone mixing equipment

Main application:
Cone mixing equipment is a new type of high-efficiency and high-precision particle mixing equipment, which is widely used in the mixing of various powder particles in the chemical, pesticide, dye, medicine, food, feed, petroleum, metallurgical and mining industries .

Horizontal spiral ribbon mixing equipment
Horizontal double-shaft spiral ribbon mixing equipment is to mix dry and powdery materials for the purpose of mixing and mixing evenly. When mixing, the material in the machine is moved by two rotors that move in opposite directions, performing compound movement. The double-shaft blades carry the animal material along the inner wall of the tank to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, and the material near the axis rotates on the axis. Push from the inside to the two sides, the outer screw drives the material close to the cylinder wall to make the axis rotation, and the axial direction pushes from both sides to the inside, so that the material inside the cylinder is convectively circulated, sheared and mixed, and the material is quickly and uniformly completed in a short time. Mixing. Three maintenance of

three-dimensional swing mixing equipment The
working principle of swing mixing equipment is different from that of traditional rotary mixing equipment. It makes unique translation, rotation, and rocking motion in the three-dimensional cubic space, so that the material is in a "rotating flow" in the mixing cylinder. -Translate-reverse the falling body" and other complex motion states, which is the so-called TURBULA state; an alternating pulse is generated, which continuously pushes the material, and the turbulence generated by the motion has a changing energy gradient, so that each of the mixed materials The particle has an incapable state of motion, and each particle constantly changes its position in the frequent movement and diffusion, resulting in a satisfactory mixing effect.

Vacuum Drying and Mixing Equipment
Double-cone vacuum drying and mixing equipment is a double-tapered rotary tank. In the vacuum state, steam or hot water flows into the jacket for heating. The heat is in contact with the wet material through the inner wall of the tank. The water vapor evaporated after the wet material absorbs heat is pumped away through the vacuum exhaust pipe by the vacuum pump. Since the tank body is in a vacuum state, and the rotation of the tank body continuously turns the material up and down, inside and outside, the drying speed of the material is accelerated, the drying efficiency is improved, and the purpose of uniform drying is achieved.


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