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Matters needing attention of feed machinery in summer


Matters needing attention in the work of feed machinery in summer

For the equipment, the high temperature environment has a great influence on its work efficiency, so in summer, what should we pay attention to when we process feed? Jiangsu Liangyou Chia Tai Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of feed machinery and equipment and a comprehensive problem solver. With 25 years of industry experience, we provide you with the following suggestions:

1. Pay attention to the working temperature of the equipment

When the pellet machine is processing feed, its internal temperature will increase due to the extrusion effect, which also makes the pellet machine have the function of maturing materials. However, in summer, as the outside temperature rises, the pellet mill will not be able to Normal heat dissipation results in excessively high temperature in the transmission box of the granulator, and the lubricating grease inside the equipment will shorten the service life due to the long-term high temperature, and the equipment is also prone to sudden shutdowns. Therefore, in the hot summer, we should pay attention to the operating temperature of the equipment. Once the temperature of the equipment is found to be too high, the equipment should be shut down and repaired before working, or the equipment should be forced to cool down.

2. Pay attention to fire prevention

The temperature itself is very high in summer, and the temperature next to the working equipment is higher, and some powders in the raw materials of the feed are combustible. Therefore, in order to prevent the excessive temperature from burning some of the raw materials and cause fires, the fire prevention work in summer must be done well. The production line must be far away from the fire source, the output materials must be stored in a cool place, and there must be no objects that can refract and condense light, such as bottles filled with water, and the fire-fighting facilities around the production line must be comprehensive in case of emergency .

Three, pay attention to clean up the residual material

Each time the feed is processed, there will be more or less material residues inside the equipment. In the hot summer, these materials become a paradise for molds and other microorganisms. If they are not cleaned up in time, the next batch of materials will be processed. , These moldy and degraded materials will contaminate new materials, thereby affecting the quality of the produced materials. Therefore, after each material is processed in the summer, the residual materials in the equipment must be carefully cleaned up, and do not leave any corners that are easy to store materials.

If you encounter other technical problems in the production process, please enter our official website for consultation, . Liangyou shares can provide a variety of old feed factory renovation services, welcome to inquire.


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