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How to use additives and antibiotics in feed


How to use additives and antibiotics in feed : It is considered that feed additives are used as auxiliary feeds and should not be selected and used for a long time. For example, feed seasonings, enzyme preparations, Chinese herbal medicine additives, etc. can only be used for short-term applications, and generally used continuously for 5-10 It is particularly important to select the appropriate type and dosage of additives according to actual feeding needs, otherwise it may achieve half the effort. In addition, add antibiotics to the feed. Pay attention to the use of animal-specific antibiotics. Use or not use antibiotics shared by humans and animals, and change the type and dosage of antibiotics according to changes in environmental conditions. Keep the environmental sanitation and disinfection of livestock and poultry houses at all times to fully improve the efficacy of antibiotics.
According to the requirements, the feed additives that meet the relevant national regulations can be purchased and used in the breeding market. For veterinary drugs that are allowed to be added, they must be made into medicated feed additives before being added to the ration. However, if it is for the production of medicated feed and the like Additives, hormone drugs cannot be added, after all, it is necessary to consider compatibility contraindications. In the process of using feed additives, they must be mixed evenly with the ration that the animal will eat, and the appropriate amount of addition must be ensured. For example, bile acid can prevent the liver and gallbladder syndrome of laying hens and prevent sporadic death in the later period. If not used The loss of chickens that die later will be much higher than the cost of the customer’s additives.

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