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A brief introduction to the cylinder preliminary cleaning screen


The cylindrical primary cleaning screen is a beautiful appearance and compact structure, which is used to screen different materials. It is widely used in rice mills, grain warehouses, flour mills and other factory warehouses. The main function is to clean up the raw grains, eliminate large impurities and avoid the inconvenience of processing and production due to large impurities. It has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation, small footprint, easy operation, low energy consumption, etc. It is an ideal equipment for grain removal. We should pay attention to the following matters when using this machine:
1. Mechanical installation
1. Check whether all parts are intact before installation.
2. The equipment should be installed in a stable place, while leaving a proper distance from the surroundings to facilitate future maintenance.
3. After the machine is installed, the dry running experiment should be carried out.
Second, the use of machinery
1. Make sure that there is no debris in the sieve barrel every time you turn on the machine, and discharge the material after the standby device is running normally.
2. Park the materials, and then stop the machine after the grains in the bucket are emptied.
3. Regularly check and repair all parts of the machine. In addition, the parts on the crusher equipment should be repaired in time.

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