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How to prolong the service life of ring die


The ring die in the pellet machine plays an important role. Whether the ring die is normal or not determines the formation of the pellets. Incorrect use and operation methods can easily cause cracks in the ring die of the pellet machine and affect normal production. To effectively increase the output of the ring die, in addition to the quality of the ring die itself, correct operation and maintenance can effectively increase the life of the ring die.

1. Regular maintenance of the pellet machine 

  1. Because the pellet machine is the main equipment of the feed factory, the manufacturer should first carry out daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance work on the host to ensure that the pellet machine maintains a good, stable, and non-jittering working condition. If the equipment has malfunctions or some vulnerable parts Wear, especially the beating wear of the transmission wheel and main shaft, should be repaired and replaced in time to ensure the normal use of the concentric circles of the ring die.

  2. Install an iron suction device at the feed entrance to prevent metal foreign objects from falling into the pelleting chamber, causing serious damage and cracking of the ring die.

    3. When installing the ring die, check the drive key, hoop, wear-resistant bushing ring of the drive wheel, the wear-resistant bushing at both ends of the pressure roller shaft, the adjusting wheel, the feeding scraper, and the cutting knife in the granulating chamber. The worn parts should be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the pellet machine. If the hoop wear cannot hold the ring die tightly, the vibration of the pellet machine will increase, which will seriously affect the service life of the ring die and even crack the ring die. It should be replaced in time. In addition, the abrasion of the feed scraper will reduce the output of the pellet machine.

                            How to extend the service life of ring die                 


  2. Ring mold work and maintenance

  1. Due to the different types of feed produced, it involves the difference in ring die material, opening rate, inner cone hole, die hole effective length and pressure relief hole design. Liangyou is a manufacturing enterprise with advanced professional technology. We will follow the customer’s requirements. Ring molds with different processes are designed and customized for feed materials and actual use conditions, so as to ensure that the ring molds can achieve real use value.

  2. When using a new ring die for prawn material, it must be replaced with a new pressure roller processed by concentric grinding.

  3. The gap between the pressure roller and the ring die must be controlled between 0.1-0.3mm. Do not let the eccentric pressure roller touch the surface of the ring die or the gap on one side is too large. This is a size that is not easy to detect with the naked eye and during installation, so as to avoid This causes increased wear of the ring die and pressure roller or no discharge.

  4. When the pellet machine is started, the feeding amount must be from low speed to high speed. Do not run at high speed from the beginning, which may cause damage to the ring die and pellet machine due to sudden overload or blockage of the ring die.

 3. Maintenance of ring die

  1. When the ring die is not used for a period of time, the original feed should be squeezed out with non-corrosive oil, otherwise, the heat of the ring die will dry and harden the feed originally left in the die hole, resulting in the following situations:( 1) At the beginning of operation, the die hole is blocked, and the material cannot be extruded; (2) At the beginning of production, the ring die is subjected to high stress and its strength is weakened, which may cause ring die cracking; (3) Part of the die hole is blocked, the output is reduced, and the benefit is reduce.

  2. After the ring die has been used for a period of time, check whether there is a local protruding part on the inner surface of the ring die. If this phenomenon occurs, use a polishing machine to grind off the protruding part to ensure the output of the ring die and the service life of the press roller.

  3. If the mold hole is blocked and the material cannot be discharged, use oil immersion or oil cooking and then re-granulate. If the granulation is still not possible, use an electric drill to drill out the blocked material, and then use oily material and fine sand for grinding and polishing.

  4. When loading and unloading the ring die, do not use a hammer or other hard steel tool to beat the surface of the ring die.

  5. The use records of each shift of the ring die should be made so as to make statistics of the actual service life of the ring die.

  6. The ring die must be stored in a dry and clean place. If it is stored in a damp place, the die hole will be corroded, which will reduce the service life of the ring die or will not discharge the material.

The equipment also has life and soul. Only with care and normal operation can it prolong its life and improve the quality of particles.


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