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Hidden danger and preventive measures in feed processing


In recent years, driven by the aquaculture industry, the feed processing industry has made rapid development and progress, which has further promoted the development of the feed machinery industry. However, due to the influence of factors such as incorrect operation, installation defects and improper maintenance in the production process, there are certain safety risks. Therefore, we must pay more attention to this issue and do a good job in preventing potential safety hazards.

1. The flywheel lacks a safety shield

The flywheel lacks a safety protection cover. It is easy to twist the staff’s clothing into the high-speed rotating belt when handling accidents when working carelessly or in an emergency. It will also cause foreign objects falling on the belt to be thrown to the presence of the high-speed belt along with the high-speed belt. Staff, causing unnecessary injuries.                     

2. Lack of iron removal device in front of key equipment

The raw materials during the conveying process of feed processing equipment contain metal, especially iron impurities. Feed such as screws, gaskets, iron blocks and other feeds may enter the crusher. In the lighter, the sieve and hammer can be broken, or the machine can be directly penetrated. , Which poses a direct threat to the lives and safety of staff.

Three, there is no dust cover at the small material inlet

The small feed port puts some finer raw materials, such as mineral additives, vitamin additives, etc., before these raw materials enter the mixer, it is easy to cause dust to be absorbed by the human body, and long-term large amounts of inhalation will cause chest tightness, dizziness, nausea and other discomforts. Symptoms, serious ones, can affect your health.

Fourth, preventive measures

In view of the above situation, in addition to doing various safety checks and personal protection before starting the machine, the following methods will achieve good results. Adding a protective cover with good texture can effectively avoid accidental injury; adding iron removal equipment after the raw material is cleaned, before crushing, and before granulation can effectively prevent the damage and danger caused by iron impurities entering the host equipment; in small materials A closed flap is added at the height of about 30 cm to 40 cm of the inlet, so that it is convenient to add a large amount of raw materials, such as premixes, additives, etc., and can also prevent the spread of dust.


Potential safety hazards and preventive measures in feed processing



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