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China starts the second round of livestock and poultry genetic improvement program to promote livestock and poultry production



 On April 26, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China issued a new round of livestock and poultry genetic improvement plan, including six types of livestock and poultry, including live pigs, dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, laying hens and broilers. The commercial breeding system has independently cultivated a batch of breakthrough breeds with international competitiveness to promote the high-quality development of my country’s animal husbandry in the future.

From 2008 to 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs implemented the first round of livestock and poultry genetic improvement programs, mainly to solve the problem of "is there" or "enough" of improved livestock and poultry breeds in my country; in 2021-2035, the second round of livestock and poultry genetic improvement programs will be launched , The focus is to solve the problem of "good or not" and "strong or not".

Since the implementation of the plan, my country’s livestock and poultry production performance has been significantly improved. The core species source rate has exceeded 75%, ensuring the independent control of the core species source of livestock and poultry. At the same time, on this basis, it has further solved the problem of “green agriculture” by the people. "Healthy food" has continuously improved the residents' living standards of "eat good meat and eat safe meat".

Sun Haoqin, deputy director of the National Animal and Poultry Genetic Resources Committee and deputy director of the Seed Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, pointed out that the reason why the span should be set at 15 years is conducive to the systematic and integrated work development and is more conducive to guiding enterprises Long-term stable investment.

The new round of the national livestock and poultry genetic improvement plan will put independent innovation in the first place, and accelerate the development of the livestock and poultry breeding industry in the direction of equal emphasis on quantity and quality, resource conservation and high efficiency.


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