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Application of Industrial Design in Feed Machinery Products


With the rapid development of my country's feed machinery industry, my country's feed machinery industry has gradually entered the international market. Facing the new environment, challenges and competition in the industry are becoming more and more fierce. In order to better adapt to the new environment and firmly seize the new opportunities, the design concept of feed machinery products has gradually changed. Therefore, the industrial design concept needs to be continuously penetrated into various feed machinery products. The form is an effective combination of plastic art and spatial form. It is an important aspect of the creation subject. It uses the shape, proportion and size of the product to affect the psychological experience, and better allows users to have a greater sense of intimacy. For example, a rectangle can show a rigorous space and help create a quiet and lively atmosphere. The circle can show the characteristic of tolerance, which helps to create a lively and complete atmosphere. Using free curves to create dynamic shapes helps to create a cordial and free atmosphere. The aesthetic method of morphological design is that people continuously summarize and summarize many objective laws of aesthetics in the process of aesthetics of historical development, which mainly includes "harmony and contrast, proportion and scale, and confrontation and balance." The in-depth application and understanding of morphological aesthetics is the key to the morphological design of feed machinery products. Feed machinery products are usually composed of many different functional components. Therefore, on the basis of the same style, find some changes and active entire physical space. However, the change should not be too abrupt. When the difference between the two shapes is relatively large, the transitional shape should be increased to reconcile, and the sense of discontinuity due to the strong contrast between the shapes should be reduced. The continuity of the changing shape and space improves the overall sense of the product shape. In addition, some more regular changes have improved the sense of rhythm and rhythm of the body.



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