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Analysis on the causes of ring mold rupture in complete feed equipment


 During the use of the complete set of feed equipment, if the design of the feed processing technology is imperfect or the operation is improperly used, the ring die may sometimes be broken. Our company comprehensively analyzes the ring die of the feed equipment during the long-term service and test process. The following reasons

  1. The thickness of the ring die of the feed equipment is too thin and the strength is reduced

  2. The ring die of the feed equipment is forcibly squeezed into by hard objects during operation (such as metal objects such as bearing balls falling in the pelletizing chamber)

  3. The gap adjustment of the feed equipment roll die is too small

  4. The clamping surface of the ring die is severely worn, and the clamp ring is not tightly clamped or the clamp ring falls to the bottom will cause the flange to be damaged

  The damage of the ring die of the feed equipment is generally the ones introduced by the editor above.You can understand to avoid the same situation, which will cause the ring die to break.

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