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Good Quality TBLMF Series Square Pulse Filter

It is widely used in grain and feed industry, feeding port, hammer mill, elevator entrance and exit, weighing and scaling machine, etc. which can greatly reduce the dust.

Description features:

■ The body is a square structure and the filter bag is a round cloth bag;

■ The cloth bag support is connected with threaded valve port, which is firmly connected and easy to disassemble;

■ Special made big air bag connected with and solenoid valve, sufficient air supply, stable and reliable work, good sealing performance;

■ The bottom is equipped with grate, which can effectively prevent the equipment from being damaged due to cloth bag falling off, and at the same time, it is convenient for personnel to repair


TBLMF Series Square Pulse Filter


Good Quality TBLMF Series Square Pulse Filter

Good Quality TBLMF Series Square Pulse Filter

Model φ120×1000 φ150×1000 φ120×1500 φ120×2000  Dust collector resistance   Pulse injection pressure velocity of filtering
Filtering  area Disposal air volume  Filtering  area Disposal air volume Filtering  area Disposal air volume Filtering  area Disposal air volume
TBLMF4     1.88 226~452         No   more than 1470Pa 4×105Pa 2-4m/min
TBLMF6 2.26 271~542            
TBLMF12         6.8 816~1628    
TBLMF18         10.1 1220~2440 13.5 1628~3256
TBLMF24             18 2170~4340
TBLMF28             21 2530~5060
TBLMF32             24 2880~5760
TBLMF36             27 3255~6510
TBLMF40             30 3617~7234
TBLMF48             36 4340~8680
TBLMF56             42 5064~10128
TBLMF64             48 5787~11575
TBLMF80             60 7234~14469



Equipment configuration:

Shell: - 3 / Q235

Solenoid valve: large caliber brand solenoid valve

Filter bag: needle felt filter bag

Solenoid valve voltage: DC24V

Solenoid valve current: 0.8-1a

Ambient temperature: -20 ~ 50℃


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