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Feed Mill SFJZ Series Vibrating Screener

It is suitable for the granulation section of small and medium-sized feed mills. The pellet after granulation or crushed are passed through the sieving method to extract qualified pellet feed products and sieve out the unqualified powder.

Description features:

The inside of the discharge port is streamlined and the material is not deposited to avoid cross contamination;

No oil lubrication to avoid oil leakage;

Simple and convenient screening mechanism , and quickly change the screen;

The driving method adopts self-balance vibration mode with good screening effect, small volume and stable movement .



Feed Mill SFJZ Series Vibrating Screener


Feed Mill SFJZ Series Vibrating Screener

Model SFJZ80×1C SFJZ100×1C SFJZ125×1C
Capacity(t/h) 4-8 6-10 8-12
Motor Power(KW) 0.2×2 0.37×2 0.37×2
Screen surface size(mm×mm) 800×1690 1000×1950 1250×1950
Exciting force(KN) 2.5 5 5
screen surface dip angle 19° 19° 19°



Device Configuration:

Sieve boat material: rectangular tube 30x30x2/Q235A (304 optional)

Side panel material: -6/Q235A

High strength spring

Feed inlet flow adjustable

Upper cover with observation window


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