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Struggle together, Share together -- FDSP shares in Ningguo leisure trip ended successfully in April 2019


The most beautiful April, is a good time for spring outing.

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, to further strengthen the team spirit, promote mutual understanding between the various departments, enhance employee’s sense of belonging and centripetal force to FDSP family, and at the same time to encourage everybody to learn the advanced, on April 20th, Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd., organized some excellent employees 2-day tourism in Ningguo, Anhui Province.

In the morning, we came to the first stop of our trip: the Xialin Nine-Day Silver Waterfall. Xialin is known as the "five wonders of the world" with its waterfalls, sacred pools, deep streams, strange rocks and dangerous gorges. There are dense streams, towering ancient trees, countless peaks, steep canyon here. FDSP staff with full enthusiasm and positive spirit, go toward the destination, laughing, or pictures taking, mutual support, care each other, all reflecting FDSP big family solidarity, mutual help, full of vitality of the enterprise outlook.

After lunch, we visited the En Long world wooden house village and enjoyed the unique Mongolian wrestling, Miao hydrangea dance, Lusheng dance, Dai splashing water, Mosuo folk songs and other Chinese folk songs and dances. In the leisure time, FDSP employees close the distance between each other, exchange ideas, enhance feelings, really feels the warmth of FDSP big family.

On the second day, we visited  Qinglong Bay, Chujia beach and other famous scenic spots one after another. In the beautiful mountains and rivers, with a full load of joy, our leisure trip to Ningguo in 2019 was successfully completed.

This travel makes us free from the busy work, truly achieved the combination of work and rest. On the one hand, it is conducive to the health and interest training of the staff, on the other hand, it will also fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. We uphold the enterprise concept of "Integrity for Cooperation, Quality for Survival, Innovation for Development" all the way singing. Everyone heart to heart, struggling together, sharing together, working solid, towards the established goal, with a new attitude and prance, will be able to achieve the FDSP new growth. 


Struggle together, Share together -- FDSP shares in Ningguo leisure trip ended successfully in April 2019




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