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Liangyou shares successfully passed the evaluation of national integration management system


Liangyou shares successfully passed the evaluation of national integration management system

On May 18, 2019, Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., LTD formally held the integrated management system of  2-standardization, set up the special group on the implementation of 2-standardization. Chairman of the company Chen Zhiliang proposes the purpose and significance of promoting and implementing the management system of 2-standardization and asked for each department to go all out, actively cooperate with the arrangement and implementation of implementing standard .

On December 9th, Two audit teacher from Jiangsu HongXin System Integration Co., LTD. Came to the Liangyou shares site to audit on the construction of the first phase for two integration development and the two integration management system. The chairman Chen Zhiliang on behalf of the company warmly welcome the arrival of evaluation experts, and hope that during the commissioning of the implementation of 2-standardization, the evaluation experts, can put forward more valuable opinions on our existing problems. The audit focuses on how to implement the integration of the two aspects of Liangyou's development strategy, and carries out a detailed audit on the standardization of the new capacity building process of "production and timely delivery of customer orders". After the interview, sample data, internal summary and other evaluation audit, it was announced that Liangyou shares passed the first stage of the initial evaluation of the management system of 2-standardization

On December 25, Four review experts from Jiangsu HongXin System Integration Co., Ltd.  once again visited Liangyou shares to review for the second stage of two integration management system. Chairman Chen Zhiliang of Liangyou shares, management representative Chen Shixin, production vice general manger Zeng xuefeng, technology chief engineer Wu Xiang,  head of the special group for the implementation of 2-standardization, and directors from each department,etc. are involved in the review.

The review experts in accordance with the fusion of informatization and industrialization management system requirements "(GB/T23001-2017), through the field patrol, document review, organization communication interviews, sampling data query, intelligent equipment investigation and application, etc. audited the company’s key process of two integration management system, and collected the evidence for acting the two  integration management system. The review team made a comprehensive assessment and review of the new capability of "production and timely delivery of orders with customers" under the company's information environment. And announced at the last meeting that Liangyou shares had passed the second stage of compliance review, and provided good guidance for the future development of Liangyou shares. The chairman of the company said:

1. The identification of the integration system is an important milestone of the company's informatization construction, which is a higher requirement for the standardization, normalization and lean of the company's production, operation and management;

2. It is our goal to pass the Standards Implementation , but more importantly, we will through two management system long action and the establishment of effective operation for a long time, put the information integration into the whole process of company production and management. Relying on data deeply delve and application of the company, guiding the company from the strategy to the specific business operation, thoroughly implement collaborative, efficient, global and dynamic management, and deeply delve the new ability under the information technology environment.

3. All relevant departments of the company shall timely rectify the amendments proposed by the audit expert group, and completely correct them based on one example, so as to avoid the recurrence of the same problem or similar problems.

4.In the future, the company will make full use of the already built two integration management system, and further build “ the effective supply, financial integration control ability " and the digital research and development ability in the information environment. Make manufacturing lean, precise marketing ability, make financial business integration ability, the ability of supply chain collaboration and management decision-making ability based on the analysis of the data. Act and use the guidance role of  the two integration management system for enterprise management.  Promoting management innovation, technological innovation, craft innovation, service innovation, and constantly improve the management level of enterprises under the environment of informatization and the Internet. Enhance the enterprise competitive advantage in sustainable development , and provide eternal power for the long-term development of the company.


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